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Can someone help with mathcad 13 not running

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    My professor told us he wants all our work done in mathcad, so I buy the program, load it, get it activated, do my homework, and save. Today I try to load it to print it, and the darn program will not load. It gives me an hourglass for a few seconds, then the hourglass goes away and it never loads the program.

    I tried reinstalling it and running a virus scan, didn't help. I'd call the tech support but they're closed for the weekend. It's due monday morning so I'm in a jam.

    Anyone experienced a problem like this before and know what to do?
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    btw I'm running Windows XP
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    Might need to use the phone-a-friend lifeline, I doubt your prof will believe that your mathcad wasn't working.

    You of course tried rebooting right?

    Press and hold ALT-CNTRL-DEL and check the processes tab. Does it say that mathcad is running? If so, click on it and "end task" and try running it again. I hope this helps. (Post this kind of thread in the technology or computer forum next time).
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    Oh, if nothing else works, try running it in safe mode. Might have a chance of getting it to run there, and thus you could at least get your assignment printed before monday and then call tech support at that point.

    Do you know how to run windows in safe mode?

    EDIT: If you are already done your work, send me the mathcad file and I will get someone to save the pages as jpegs, and then I could send them back to you. It would be no risk to you of course since I don't think there is any risk of me stealing your homework... lol. I know someone who has MATHCAD on MSN right now, so I could do it if you want.
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    Nothing on the task manager processes is obviously mathcad...it might have a strange file name though so I'll try closing a few out

    then I'll try the safe mode

    If all else fails: PM me your email address so I can send you the file (thank you very much BTW)
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    No problem at all, I hope that safe mode works. If not, I sent you a PM with my email.

    Glad to help.
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    I emailed the professor and amazingly got a response, he's given me extra time for the homework due monday to get the mathcad problem worked out. So I guess I'll give the tech support a hollar.

    man I lucked out this time
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