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Mathcad is computer software for the verification, validation, documentation and re-use of mathematical calculations in engineering and science, notably mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil engineering. Released in 1986 on DOS, it introduced live editing (WYSIWYG) of typeset mathematical notation in an interactive notebook, combined with automatic computations. It was originally developed by Mathsoft, and since 2006 has been a product of Parametric Technology Corporation.

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  1. karush

    MHB Should I Use Mathcad, SAGE, and CoCalc for My Next Math Project?

    ok Mathcad and SAGE and Cocalc I have only touched these programs the reviews I read on Mathcad don't seem to be very good yet some community colleges here worship it I am very reluctant to dive into it On SAGE never heard of it until we had to do a project with it in Linear Algebra kinda...
  2. V

    Mathcad dot or dashed notation

    Hi, I have a long differential equation which I am typing into mathcad. I want to use either dot or dashed notation instead of d/dt to shortern it and make it more readable. Do you know how I can do this so that it actually recognises it as a derivative? I
  3. T

    Automated Air Force Lug Analysis

    Air Force Lug Analysis (section 9 here and summarized here) seems to be the best generalized method for comprehensive lug analysis. However, it relies on charts developed by the USAF in the late sixties. Every source I've found on the method uses those same images. I'm trying to make an...
  4. S

    LaTeX Mathcad 2001 to Latex converter?

    I am looking for a converter that takes a Mathcad 2001 file, with various formulas and mathematical expressions, and transform it into Latex code that can be posted on forums. Do you know such a translator?
  5. S

    Newton's Method utilizing Mathcad

    Homework Statement I am writing a simple program in Mathcad for Newton's Method. The function is x^3-5*x^2+3*x+4. The root is between 0 and 3, and we want a tolerance of 0.00001. My code is the exact same as a program I made in Matlab that works, but since I am new to Mathcad, I am getting an...
  6. P

    How should I draw a simple plot?

    Hi. Let's say there is a need to recreate a primitive plot like http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6001/graz.png Surely I can Photoshop it, I can even generate it using Mathcad or such, but pictures look awkward when imported into documents... I dare to say I want them scalable and...
  7. K

    Mathematica Mathematica: Optimizing NIntegrate with complex integrand

    Hi, first of all I am new to Mathematica.(Mathematica v8.0.0) The Problem: I have been having some issues with one particular integral lately: I need to perform InverseFourier over a region of certain frequency and set the result as a function of time for later use...
  8. A

    Mathematica Which Math Program is Best for Differential Equations & Vector Analysis?

    Hi, I am new to this forum, so forgive me if this is a really obvious question. I am a high school student interested in doing a project involving differential equations, and vector analysis (basically calc 1 - III, linear algebra, and a bit of differential equations). I will use this program...
  9. gfd43tg

    Troubleshooting Mathcad Functions for Thermodynamic Calculations

    Hello, I am trying to use some functions in MathCad given in my thermodynamics textbook to calculate thermodynamic properties. I attached the functions below. I try using them and then I get an error saying too many commas I just type in: MCPH(T1,T2;A,B,C,D)= of course with numerical...
  10. U

    Mathcad: differentiating with indexes

    Hello! The picture says a thousand words: http://www.hot.ee/jaaniussikesed/v6rrand.jpg In the last member under the square root, there is the error. For some reason I am not able to differentiate with an array index, ts1 is a single column 5 row matrix. How to solve this? The error says...
  11. R

    Need Help with MathCAD? Formulas Not Matching Results - Requesting Assistance

    I am looking for somebody who knows how to use math cad because I have forwarded the formulas of a form and it does not give me the same result as in my form I can send you the doc to help me thank you
  12. A

    MATHCAD Array Operation Doesn't Work for Long Vectors

    Hello, I am looking for some advice. I'm trying to perform array operations on vectors in MATHCAD. I am able to do it for vectors and matrices that have both dimensions that are 9 units or shorter. Anything that is 10 units or longer (ex, a vector with 10 elements) outputs a result such as...
  13. F

    How to Solve for Two Variables in Mathcad?

    I'm having trouble solving for two variables in Mathcad. I'm relatively inexperienced with this software and I'm not sure whether it's the software or my math but anyway I've included screen dumps to highlight the problem. I have tried the Given/Find block in two different ways. The first does...
  14. F

    Mathcad errors galore (symbolic evaluation)

    Hello, I'm trying to use mathcad to do Rayleigh-Ritz approximation of the critical elastic buckling load of a joists top chord. The joists support a standing seam roof which acts to stabilize the top chord from out of plain buckling. In order to approximate the buckled shape, I chose to use...
  15. A

    Mastering Mathcad: Matrix Operations Made Easy | Step-by-Step Guide

    Hello I am trying to teach myself how to use mathcad and am having some issues. I am trying to sum the rows and cols of a matrix respectively. using i for the row index and j for the col index. I have as of now defined a variable sum eiether row or colum and am using a summation of...
  16. C

    Help with Derivatives in Mathcad

    I know that Mathcad only takes partial derivatives. I set up my equations using this general format: L:= x(t) Then, I take the derivative of L with respect to t and get the following: dL/dt -> d/dt*x(t) However, when I take the derivative of L with respect to x, I should get 1, but...
  17. U

    Help with Plotting a 1D Matrice in MathCAD 14

    Hello! I'm having the following problem; [PLAIN]http://www.hot.ee/jaaniussikesed/probleem_graafik.jpg I try to plot a 1D matrice with a sequence, or a 1D matrice and I get a result that "this value must be real". Now... what!? I am using MathCAD 14. Help is much appreciated, Uku
  18. S

    MATLAB MathCAD/MatLab program for non-linear spring-mass-damper system

    Homework Statement The cutting force developed during a particular machining operation is shown in figure (a). Model the system as a SDF with equivalent mass of the cutting head = 25 kg. The damping is linear viscous (ξ = 0.1), and the equivalent spring is nonlinear “hardening” spring of...
  19. M

    Mathcad help: The forms of these values must match error

    Mathcad help: "The forms of these values must match" error Homework Statement I am getting an error, when I assign a value to 'num', stating: The forms of these values must match This value has the form: Unitless, but others have the form: f(any1, [unitless]) => [unitless] I cannot...
  20. M

    Mathcad: forms of values do not match?

    I am looking for any help I can get, I have been working on this for hours and cannot figure it out. Should I include more info in my post? I am getting an error stating: The forms of these values must match This value has the form: Unitless but others have the form: f(any1, [unitless]) =>...
  21. M

    MathCAD error matrix has wrong units?

    Homework Statement ***I Figured out my problem*** If you know how I can delete this thread though, let me know :) I am attempting to run a calculation in MathCAD but I am having trouble. I am getting an error message stating that a value has multiple units when it should be unitless, but I...
  22. J

    Defining Mathcad Variables to be equal to Unity

    While attempting to solve quadratic equation application in MATHCAD (pertaining to the Markowitz Portfolio theory), I am now stumped at how to perfom what would seem to be a trivial operation, namely: setting a sum of unknown variables (i.e., a constraint) equal to '1.' For example, how can...
  23. C

    Writing Critical and Reduced Temperatures Using Range Index in MathCAD

    Hello everyone, I want to write in mathcad some critical temperatures and reduced temperatures using a range index (like in the document I've attached) and i can't figure how to do it (i'm new in mathcad) Is it possible to write those in this way? Thank you and sorry if i put the question...
  24. H

    How can I limit the array in MathCAD to prevent crashing?

    Homework Statement I don't know how to limit the array. I know that the program crashed because it exceeds the array end points at zero and maximum position and time. But how can I tell MathCAD not to do so? I'm stuck without any idea! Can anyone who can show me the code lines I should...
  25. H

    Solving equations numerically in Mathcad 2001i Professional

    Homework Statement Hey there.. I would like to make a path for a spacecraft from Earth to moon, and back again. I found this pdf that explains how, but i can't figure it out.Homework Equations http://courses.ncssm.edu/math/NCSSM%...r%203/Moon.pdf "Part II: The slingshot around the Moon...
  26. J

    Finding unknown value in a equation using MATHCAD

    hi, I am trying to enter an equation in MATHCAD. the equation is sin(x)*e^(-y/tanx) = sin(x-y) Here, I know the value of x and I want to find the value y. How do I find the y value using Mathcad? I mean how can I enter the equation in Mathcad?
  27. I_am_learning

    MATLAB What are Matlabs,Mathcad,Mathmatica,Maple?

    They all look the same:rolleyes:. Could Somebody point out the differences and tell me which is the best for engineering Analysis and Visualization.
  28. G

    Mathematica How do I fit damped harmonic motion data (x vs. t) using Mathematica?

    How do I fit the data given below into the standard form (ignore the part saying to use MathCad): http://screensnapr.com/u/apmqkd.png {{{0.002, 0.726}, {0.022, 0.739}, {0.042, 0.75}, {0.062, 0.759}, {0.082, 0.768}, {0.102, 0.776}, {0.121, 0.785}, {0.141, 0.794}, {0.161, 0.802}...
  29. T

    Troubleshooting MathCAD: Rotation of Body Vector About an Axis

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I didn't see a forum specifically about software. I'm trying to define a function in MathCAD that describes the rotation of a body vector about an axis u by an angle ɸ. What I've typed in is: R(ɸ,u):= [ 3x3 matrix where each...
  30. F

    How Can I Solve These Specific Issues with MathCAD Programming?

    Mods, I wasn't sure where to put this, so please move it if its not in the correct section. Thank you. I am in a computer structural analysis class that utilizes MathCAD as the means for all computations throughout the semester. I've never used it before, so I am having some issues. I have...
  31. M

    Solving Linear System of Equations with Discrete Components

    Hi community, I have a linear systems of equations (8x8), but the matriz's components are discrete. In this moment, I make values' all of components and I write them in 64 files of 150x6000. My question is How do you solve a linear systems of equations discrete?, I mean, How do I work with...
  32. P

    Mathematica Finding the first roots of a function with Mathematica

    Hello everyone, I have just created my account here and so this is my first post and I would like to appologise if my question may have been posted by someone else. I am new to mathematica but I am very found of the program. So much so that I am trying to use it for one of my research...
  33. L

    Mathcad 14.0 - Displaying / Printing

    I am new to Mathcad and using it is redefining my idea of hell. All i want to do is type some equations and then print it out. Nothing more sinister. When i type the equations in some times they go red and i get a message appear like "a name is required here" i couldn't care less about...
  34. L

    Mathematica Very confusing problem in Mathematica

    Hi everybody, Last time I was here I was asking about finding roots but many things have progressed. Anyway I have another problem now. I have a linear system of equations which I'd like to solve: A.X==B And I tried two things: get the inverse of A and multiply it with B and also use...
  35. J

    MathCAD help Multiplying matrices with variables.

    I am fairly novice user of MathCAD. I am using version 14. I am trying to multiply a diagonalized 3x3 matrix containing only variables with another matrix completely populated with numbers and no variables. However, when I create the 3x3 matrix with only variables, the variables are highlighted...
  36. M

    Solving equation/matrices by Doolitle Method

    Hi guys I just received my assignment about solving equation/matrices by Doolitle Method by using Matlab or mathcad. anyone expert in this software can explain to me how do i start first step? I cannot understand even i searching on the net. Tq
  37. L

    Why is My Mathcad 13 Not Working After Editing .xml and .mpl Files?

    I have Mathcad 13 installed on my computer and was getting annoyed that my kJ, kmol, and mmHg units did not exist and had to be defined at the top of every new assignment. So I found that by editing the .xml and .mpl files, the units could be added. Stupidly, I figured I would not make a...
  38. L

    Mathematica Finding all the roots of a function with Mathematica

    Hi guys and girls of physics forums, I have just created my account here and so this is my first post and I would like to appologise if my question may have been posted by someone else. I am new to mathematica but I am very found of the program. So much so that I am trying to use it for...
  39. I

    MATLAB Doing Attached Calculation in Matlab

    how can someone do the attach calculation in Matlab?
  40. T

    How Does Mathcad Handle Matrix Row and Column Exchanges?

    2 - Write a Mathcad function that exchanges the rows, columns, or rows and columns of a square symmetric matrix C. Indices i and k represent the rows to be exchanged, and the variable e is used to tell the program which operation is to be executed: e = 1 means row exchange e = 2 means column...
  41. N

    Open source or free alternatives to MathCad

    I am just using MathCad as an example, as I don't know others. In college I did use something that did good 3D plots, and solved differential equations and performed integration. I was wondering if there were free or low-cost alternatives to these expensive programs. I just need something...
  42. L

    Mathematica I don't know what to do with Mathematica 5.1 and Mathcad 12

    My dad just bought me Mathematica 5.1 and Mathcad 12 and I have no idea how I should use it, if ever. I'm currently in AP Calculus in high school so I don't know what features I should use that would enhance my learning and understand of math from algebra all the way up to Calculus. Any ideas or...
  43. I

    MATLAB An Unsolvable Integral (according to Matlab)

    Hello! I have the following problem: I cannot solve the integral below by the means of Matlab. \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{e^{-t^2}}{\left(2-t\right)^2 + 16} dt When I write the following in Matlab >> syms t; >> y = exp(-t^2) / (16 + (2 - t)^2); >> int(y, t, -inf, inf) it...
  44. T

    Mathematica Compare Mathcad & Mathematica - Find Solutions for Diff Eqns

    Mathcad or Mathematica? Hi guys, I already have MathCad 2003 Installed in my computer, should I get Mathematica? What's the difference? Can Mathematica find general solution of a differential equations? Mathcad can find only particular ones, Can Mathematica solve a system of linear or...
  45. A

    Should This System Settle? - Discrepancy in MathCad Solving Methods

    I've been playing around with the following system for the last little while: (attached image: 2 Blocks + Spring.jpg) - Block B starts with an initial velocity of 10m/s I solved the differential equations with a variety of methods in Excel and Mathcad: Excel: Euler Euler-Cramer...
  46. EVriderDK

    How to plot complex vectors in Mathcad? (Electrical)

    Homework Statement I have to plot the following complex numbers into the complex plane: X_C=0-1350i X_L=0+980i R_L=100+0i
  47. S

    How to calculate elliptic integrals in MATHCAD?

    Hi, I wanted to calculate elliptic integrals (K & E) for a given function in Mathcad. I was not able to find the appropriate function. I am using Mathcad 15. Regards, -sgsawant
  48. B

    Using Mathcad to Solve a Complex Math Problem

    Homework Statement I attached my problem. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am attempting to use Mathcad to solve this problem using a computer. I have the problem graphed, but I am unsure what it means by " do not plot the initial transient." For part b, I have...
  49. A

    Thermo VLE problem with mathcad

    Homework Statement For acetone (1) methanol (2) system based on Wilson equation make the following calculations: (a) BUBL P: T=60oC, =0.3 (b) DEW P: T=60oC, =0.3 (c) PT-flash: T=60oC, P=1/2 (Pbubble+ Pdew), z1=0.3 (d) If an azeotrope exist at 60oC, find Paz and x1az=y1az ...
  50. G

    MathCAD - separation of real and imaginary parts of a complex variable

    Hi guys, just wondering whether you could help. I've got a complex number in terms of a lot of variables, and need to separate it into its real and imaginary parts. How do I do that? I spent past hour trying to look for tutorials, unfortunately none tells you how to do it...