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Can the earth loose its orbit and regain its orbit again

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    lets say a rogue star or black hole pass by our solar system and disrupt the orbits of the planets and pull the earth away from the sun, can it regain or get back to its original orbit if the black hole is gone?
    some people say the chances of a black hole passing by our solar system is slim but what if it does pass by, can the earth regain its orbit again?
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    Not in a reasonable way, I think. Changes of the orbit always need the influence of additional objects, and there are no significant additional objects in the orbit of earth.

    You can add a second massive object passing the solar system, of course (like a binary star or whatever), but even then it would be extremely improbable that the final orbit is close to the original one.
    Without a companion, you could invent some complicated scheme where another planet gets deflected in such a way that it can interact with earth afterwards - that gives other issues (like extreme tidal forces) and is extremely improbable as well.
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    thanks for clearing it up for me
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