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Can there be an intelligence which is not evolutionary?

  1. Mar 2, 2013 #1

    My question is for those who are interested in evolution and artificial intelligence:

    Can there be any kind of intelligence which is not based on an evolutionary selection process?

    I will try to explain why I ask this.

    With intelligence people usually mean devising an idea as if instantaneously, as if out of nothing. But that is probably not true; idea is a product of a thinking process, and a thinking process is maybe (???) a sort of evolution which happens in our brains.

    How do we think at all? Do we really create some ideas from the scratch? I don’t believe so. I think, many axioms, options and ideas built upon past experiences and rules (learned or hardwired) compete in our brain in a subconscious area; a mental simulation of trial and error.

    We don’t need to test each case in real physical life, because our brain has the capability of simulating the approximate real life conditions, even if not always perfectly.

    Because we consciously perceive only the winning ideas that come to the surface we live maybe ??? under the illusion that we create our ideas out of nothing.

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