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Homework Help: Can this trinomial be factored?

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    My math teacher put up the answers from yesterday's homework, and she put DNF for one of the answers, which I'm assuming means does not factor. But I'm pretty sure I found a way to factor it, here's the trinomial:

    3v^2 - 11v + 10

    I factored it and came up with the following:

    (3v - 5)(v - 2)

    Was my teacher just wrong, or did I make a mistake?
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    well when its multiplied out it equals the same thing. maybe DNF means 'did not finish'...maybe she wanted the 3 factored out for some reason. ie: 3(v-5/3)(v-2)
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    Nope, your factorisation looks good to me, I would agree with you that your polynomial does indeed factor as you have shown.

    Edit: I need to type faster!
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    For the trinomial above, your answer is right.

    Edit: And I need to type faster than Hoot! :biggrin:
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    that makes me the fastest!!
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    Ok, thanks for the help.

    No, it wasn't my work that she put DNF on, she had an overhead screen, with all of the answers on it, and for that question, she simply put DNF.
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    well i'd have to say she is mistaken
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