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I Can we derive quantification of energy mathematically?

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    I'm studying for my introduction to modern physics exam, and reading about the ultraviolet catastrophe and why equipartition theorem stops working to explain blackbody emissions for high frequencies I was thinking if we could use the theorem to arrive at the quantification of energy (probably the answer is no).

    I remember my professor saying that at some point we'll learn how we can arrive at the quantification of energy from some hypotheses, but I don't remember what that was.

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    Quantization of energy appears when you solve Schrodinger's equation in many problems We can only guess at what your professor was thinking, but there's a fair chance that that's what it was.
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    Is it correct to say resonance in a classical mechanical or electrical system is quantisation of energy?
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    You're right, Thank you!
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    No. The system can have any value of energy. Resonances are related to the transfer of energy, not it's amount.
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    Makes sense, I have always held the analogy when looking at atomic spectra as that of striking a bell with a hammer and looking at the non transient part of the ringing bell's frequency spectrum.

    Can you help with the analogy if it is not OT.
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    Its deep, beautiful and powerful:

    Mostly it is quantisised but the why will take you on a VERY interesting journey.

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    Unfortunately my phone overheats and shuts down after 20mins of YouTube so yet to watch the second half. That lecturer is a clever, passionate and gentle teacher. Gonna follow his clips.

    Thanks for a great link.
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