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Can we separate heat from light?

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    The question is: it possible to separate heat from light?

    (If its the wrong section of forum please direct me to more
    proper one)
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    I'm not sure I know what you mean, but windows transmit visible light while blocking IR.
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    Uh ... infrared is electromagnetic radiation. Just like light.
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    Yes. One way is called a cold mirror. It's a filter that reflects light but passes heat. You can buy them.
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    You have to be careful by what you mean when you say "heat". Heat is not a substance that is transferred between different objects. For example, when you stand near a fire, the electromagnetic radiation from the flames interact with your body and give up energy to you. This is one form of "heating". The light does not also contain some substance called "heat" that it delivers to you.

    You also receive energy from the convection, but that's not what you're asking about.
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    Sorry for not being clear ,from your answers i understood i should've ask about splitting
    visible light and portion of electromagnetic radiation that is responsible for heating objects.
    Cold mirrors seems to be exactly what i was wondering about.
    Thank you for replies.
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