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Can we view the string theory as defined on special 2-D time?

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    Since now time is 2-dimensional, coordinates of points X[tex]\mu[/tex] are dependent on both ([tex]\tau[/tex]1, [tex]\tau[/tex]2), and
    if [tex]\tau[/tex]2 is infinite, it's a open string;
    if [tex]\tau[/tex]2 is finite, it's a closed string.

    How do you think so?
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    It is so, but it is not a second time, just a parameter, lets call sigma (for "space"). What you say is called the "worldsheet point of view", as oppossed to the 4D (or 10D) "space time point of view".
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    As long as a (any) system has only one past and one future, it will have just one time parameter. There may be theories with signatures like (- - + + +...) - as in F-theory - but that alone does not mean it is a two-timed theory.
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