A Unifying String Theory and SuSy

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It seems that the latest data out of CERN suggest a mass of the Higgs Boson that is smack in the middle of what would be suggested by parallel universes/string theory and SuSy.

Do you think Edward Whitten, Savas Dimopoulos, and probably others could get together in a room to unify these two theories as Whitten did the multiple theories of string theory? Or are they too fundamentally different?

Of note, the "randomness" we get from the Born interpretation could be supported both by the higher dimensionality of string theory and the only-one way of SuSy given that extreme complexity with dependence often models as indepenence (randomness).

I'm no genius (at least in terms of IQ/SAT) but I spend enough time understanding and deriving the Gaussian distribution to understand that in it's simplest terms it is merely the mathematical enforcement of identical PDFs that are orthogonal to each other. But we model this distribution all of the time in complex systems with a lot of partial dependence that ends up largely cancelling out.

The Gaussian distribution of the mass of the Higgs Boson seems to beg for a unification of the ideas of one-way of SuSy and the multidimensionality of string theory--manifest in what we observe in the Born interpretation of quantum as random that which is in fact merely unobservably complex.
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What do you meander exactly? String theory already is supersymmetric.
I strongly suspect that the original poster watched the movie "Particle Fever".


If you have not seen this movie, whoever wrote the script for this film made a big deal about how the mass of the Higgs boson would supposedly prove supersymmetry, or would instead provide evidence for the multiverse. Towards the end, the narrator talks about how the mass of the Higgs is "in the middle", and that seems to be what the original poster is referring to.

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