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Can you actually do this?(laser shooting to moon)

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    Found this on youtube, wasnt sure if this is actually possible, i never heard of the astronauts actually leaving stuff on the moon.

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    Yes. If you leave a mirrored target shaped like the intersection of 3 walls of a cube, the light will come directly back to the area from which the pulse was fired.
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    Look up the apollo missions on wikipedia. You can find plenty of info on the experiments left behind.
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    It's a good point to mention to Apollo hoax believers, they tend to start mumbling when you point out that there is proof that stuff was left behind.
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    Yes it is incredible, even 40 years later. As a consequence Nasa can measure the moon's distance to millimeter resolution( maybe more , not sure). They also use it to help calculate the orbit of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. I have to assume it has been used to impress a woman at one point in time also.
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    But, not with the precision achievable with LLRE. It's been nailed down to a matter of millimeters now.
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