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Can you ever go back to physics?

  1. Feb 8, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone. I started a master's in mathematics this semester and I'm worried I'm not excited about as much as I thought I would be. I double majored in physics and mathematics for my BS and now I think I miss the physics. I wanted to do a MS in mathematics and then go back to physics for a PhD. I've heard that some people have done that but now I'm worried that I might now be able to. Does anyone one know if it is easy to shift back to physics? Also I'm thinking that I might want to shift back to physics next semester if possible, does anyone think this is a good idea? Thank you.
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    What do you want to do?
    If you want to take courses in physics or learn it by yourself, then by all means do it.
    You really need to decide what you prefer to be a rigorous mathematician or hand-waving physics theoretician.

    I mean physicist won't be bothered with rigorous maths, so if this doesn't bother you then go the physics route. If on the other hand rigorous maths is important for you then go the math route.

    Either way to choose you can always still learn the other discpline by your own.

    I personally chose the maths direction, though I still learn physics. (Basically physics inspires maths and maths inspires physics).
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