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Can you get gravitons to behave like photons in laser?

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    Is it possible to create gravitons the way photons are created, with electrons falling from quantized systems, or create graviton analogies to photon-lasers?
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    No. Gravitons (yet to be discovered) are the transmitters of gravity and nothing else. Changes in electron states are photon mediated - gravitons have no role.
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    If you want a graviton laser, you'll need a gain (amplification) medium (and a way to pump more energy in to prepare this medium) and then a way to mostly confine the waves (so that a coherent mode is produced). Without the confinement, it's the analogy to a LED. No reason why it isn't possible in principle (though as pointed out, you'll need to construct it of systems of masses, rather than of electric charges).
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    Of course no one has measured a graviton.

    While they are spin-2, the are some indications that they have Fermi statistics instead of Bose statistics. See section 4 of

    This would be in violation of the spin statistics theorem, so it is a subject of some interest.
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    ^ Would that have any knock on effects for the susy partner of the graviton, the gravitino. It's spin 3/2 but if it's 'normal' version is a fermion with spin 2, could it be bosonic?
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