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Can you google search PF blogs?

  1. Jun 20, 2008 #1
    Hey all,

    Well recently I have been somewhat reluctant to post homework help, and other project work on here that I am far into in the fear that other members of my class can steal it. This information is like numbers, and often requires alot of work, but there would never be any evidence supporting the fact that they had copied me. Are the PF blogs likely to come up into google if you typed something related to it in google. With my homework questions it is sometimes the first link that comes up. Is there a way to actually stop this all from happening? If there isn't I'm cool with that, and I guess I will just reword some of the question so that they don't come up.

    Some people may think its stupid I have a problem with this, but when grades are being continuously compared with others, and there are end of year prizes coming I find it frustrating that people who do not work hard can benefit from mine.


    _Mayday_ :bugeye:
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    Once the blogs are indexed, yes
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    What would the time period be from say the moment the blog is published until it has been indexed?

    Thanks for the response.
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    Only google knows the exact time, but usually new content will show up on google within a week of publishing.
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    Thanks. =]
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    I've had it show up same day.
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    Ah right, thanks Evo. I think I will just keep doing what I am but just change a few words in titles of the work etc. and I should be fine.

    Thanks for the help you two! :smile:

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    There used to be a selection for making journal posts private, that should keep them off search engines.
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    Is that option still available? Which members would be able to see them?
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    On your blog options page you can control what different users can see/do. There are three groups of users, contacts, those users on your ignore list and everyone else. I would guess that if you were to only allow your contacts to view your blog, then the search bots would be barred from crawling your blog.
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    I haven't restarted my blog, but there used to be a "make private" option. This would block anyone from seeing your post other than you.
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