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Can you make a type of plastic from Dibutyl Phthalate?

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    Hi there,

    As an experiment, I am trying to make a type of plastic from Dibutyl Phthalate. I have a product here that is a slightly pliable, white plastic, that the maker lists the ingredients of as": DBP Dibutyl Phthalate and Titanium Dioxide". However when I mix these two in any ratio, they do not set in to a plastic, but rather a sticky wet substance. I have tried heating DBP too, but it remains an oily liquid. Is it even possible to turn DBP in to a plastic, or must there be a missing ingredient to allow it to solidify? My understanding was that DBP was an additive to keep other rigid plastics flexible, but I can't see how it alone could become a solid.

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    DBP is a plasticizer (kind of an additive), not a polymer (which are basic components of plastics).
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    Thanks Borek, I suspected as much.
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