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Can't post new thread in world cup fourm

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    For some starnge reason I can't post a new thread in the world cup fourm. I think some other people where/are haveing the same problem.
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    Yes, this is due to the fact that every non-staff user group has have their ability to create a new thread in the world cup forum disabled. As I am not part of the PF staff further speculations as to why this has been done may prove futile but it could be because they want to keep it clean. Again, this is only my personal view and may or may not reflect the views of PF, its staff and/or administration or the truth for that matter.
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    Technically, Homework Helpers and Science Advisors are part of the staff, but I can't post either. Looks like its just restricted to mentors or admins, if indeed anyone can post in there and theres not been any new posts, perhaps it is simply a glitch related you yesterdays outage. Eitherway, I'm sure greg or warren will let us know what's happening when the get online.

    Edit: Looks like the problems fixed, crisis averted!
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