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Capillary action with elemental Selenium

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    Greetings PFers.

    I'm designing an experiment that needs to take elemental selenium gas at 500K at 120 PSI to a liquid form at any temp and pressure. I would like to use capillary tubes in conjunction with a pump to convert the gas to a liquid.

    However, i'm having difficulty finding information on capillary action when using elemental selenium. Primarily, what material do I need to use and what inside diameter. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a tip?


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    check this paper out. its old but they used a Ubbeholde type viscometer. they describe capillary diameter and material.

    http://pdf.lookchem.com/pdf/22/a1b705c8-6144-41d3-b35d-064da1267259.pdf [Broken]
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