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Career prospects within the field of Nanotechnology

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    First let me introduce myself. I'm an engineering undergraduate in northern Europe. Ever since I started my engineering studies I've had an interest in Nanotechnology, which in my eyes is "the future" along with robotics, automation and more. I'm interested in theoretical mathematics and physics but it's the possible applications that motivate me, thus the interest in experimental physics and nanoscience.

    Lately I've been having second thoughts about majoring (MSc) in this field however. The reason is that the job market seems small and uncertain from what I've seen. I have yet to find one company that is recruiting openly. I want to know what I'm getting into.

    If I choose to major in this field I will be studying QM, Condensed Matter, instrumentation, measurement techniques, nano- & molecular electronics, semiconductors and MEMS. Experimental and applied physics basically.

    My conclusion is that I should try to do my thesis at a company, do well and hopefully get to stay there after.

    This is a "Will I get a job?" thread pretty much.
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    Can I momentarily laugh at the idea of nanotech getting bigger? :smile:
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    I guess it may depend on where you want to work. I you are willing to move for example to China, then you shouldn't worry about getting a job. If you want to stick to some other location, then first check how nanotechnology industry is doing there, and what is the dynamics.
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