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Careers that have to due with robotics?

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    I like machines and robots, i will like to work for that industry, being involved in the desing, creation and how robots works. I like Physics and Math and i am good at it but i totally hate chemistry(is that normal?). So what career is the most involved? Mechanical, Electronic or there is others?. For those who know spanish i will give the link for information of the University im thinking in study.

    http://www.udb.edu.sv/Academia/udb_academia.htm [Broken]

    Please some information.
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    Mechanical and Electrical Engineering on the building side, Computer Science and Engineering on the programming side. I don't like chemistry either, so I'd assume it's not uncommon.
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    Thanks men. Yeah i totally dont like chemistry but love physics and math. So Mechanical Engineering will be.
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