What is Careers: Definition and 202 Discussions

The career is an individual's metaphorical "journey" through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define career and the term is used in a variety of ways.

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  1. Brystar57

    Engineering Is it possible for me to go into Aerospace Engineering at 37?

    Good afternoon everyone My name is Bryant, I am a recent graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, recent graduated of an M.S. in Aeronautics specializing in Space Operations since May of 2023 and but been having a difficult time of going for the Aerospace Industry. I have tried...
  2. spacewrinkle

    Physics Switching Careers for the Long Haul

    Hey folks, computer science major here stuck in tech in the meantime. It's meh. I'm here to be able to pay the bills, and I work hard because I believe in working hard on principle, not because I love it. I'll get a job after I graduate and work in software for years, unless life swings me...
  3. diegzumillo

    Job Skills Switching careers to software development

    Hi all In my country, and with the pandemic aggravating affairs, an academic career seems unlikely for me at the moment. It's what I have been preparing for, I finished my PhD and started looking into post doc positions nearby, but no luck so far. So people advised me to try becoming a software...
  4. Mcdoorknob

    Physics Healthcare careers after physics

    Hello, I finished my BS in Physics last April and have yet to find any meaningful employment, only manual labour. I did very well in school, was always top in my class, and finished with a cumulative 85% average (even higher in physics courses). I took lots of classics history and Greek/Latin...
  5. C

    Job Skills APS: Success in Industry Careers Webinar Series

    The American Physical Society (APS) has just launched a webinar series addressing careers for physicists in industry (broadly includes national labs). [ETA: Correction: National labs are covered under a separate series also listed on the following link.] Details of the series can be found...
  6. H

    Other Programming in Statistics Careers

    [Mod note: post moved to its own thread] I have a question about statistic type of employment if you care to answer it. My question is in statistics type careers does programming matter more or does mathematical knowledge of statistics matter more? What I mean is that a statistic person...
  7. T

    Other Math-Intensive Careers to Make $300K-$500K

    I am not sure what I want to pursue as a career but I love math and I want to make a lot of money. I was wondering if there are any careers that are very math intensive from which I could make around 300-500k. Does anyone know of any jobs that mostly consist of doing advanced or at least...
  8. astroman707

    Courses Academic Preparation for gravitational wave careers?

    If someone wanted to pursue a career in gravitational wave physics, and work at places like LIGO, studying astrophysical objects such as black holes and neutron stars, etc. What are some key courses/skills that person should take/learn as an undergraduate, and graduate student?
  9. doglover9754

    Engineering I’m trying to decide between 2 engineering careers. Any help?

    So I am a high school freshman student this school year. We have this career guidance presentation every once in a while by our counselors. I wanted to be an engineer but I realized something. I don’t know which engineer I’d want to pursue. I’ve limited it down to two. Mechatronics or...
  10. N

    Programs Undergraduate Minors that are helpful for petroleum industry careers

    I am currently a Sophomore, studying chemical engineering at Drexel University. After college, I want to pursue a career in the downstream petroleum industry. However, I am unsure of what minor would help me get closer to reaching my goal. I have heard business and mathematics minors are great...
  11. Swapnil Das

    Physics What are the potential career options for a Nuclear Theorist?

    Hi There! I am exploring career options in Nuclear Physics, exactly speaking, Theoretical Nuclear Physics. One of the ways to pursue a career in the field is of course in the academia, as a Professor and Researcher. But as we know, sustaining in the academia is not an easy job. I was wondering...
  12. J

    Engineering Alternative careers for ME PhD

    Hello, I am having bit of a dilemma. I am about to finish a D.Sc in mechanical engineering. However, I've never liked engineering and now I am looking to get out of the field. I know that patent law, finance (IB) and consulting are popular among stem PhD holders and currently I am aiming for...
  13. E

    Other Should I Switch Careers? Career Advice for Data Science

    Hello, After finishing my PhD in EE/wireless communication from Canada, I could secure postdoc positions in the academia. But wanted to make a transition to the industry because it pays more and it is more stable. Applied to telephone companies for R&D positions, with no luck. I tried more...
  14. E

    Applications of Interference of Light Waves

    Hi! I just had some questions. Is there any jobs or careers that directly relate with the interference of light waves. I know that an optical engineer would be one but they would create lenses for telescopes and stuff. I don't understand how that would relate to the interference of light, are...
  15. Y

    Job Skills Careers in the Space Industry that aren't Aero/Mech

    Are there STEM related careers in the space industry which are different from Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering? If so, what are they?
  16. Fraser MacDonald

    Other What physics careers are even really possible for me?

    I am currently 16 and from Scotland. I plan on completing a masters in physics once I go to university, however I am now starting to wonder what fields of physics are the best to go into. My preference would be to do research, which leads to my other question of how possible is it to have a...
  17. binbagsss

    Small hand tattoos and careers

    Hi I am wondering whether tattoos affect chances of jobs getting a phd, that sort of thing? I'm talking about more subtle small ones, i.e. rather than on top of the hand /fingers, on the under-side of fingers, or side of little finger or thumb I know the obvious answer is get them somewhere...
  18. M

    Careers that use introductory physics concepts

    I have an assignment on researching 2 careers that use one of the units of Physics that we've studied this year. The units we studied were Forces and motion (kinematics), Energy and Momentum, Electric and Magnetic fields, and Waves of light (not too keen on doing it for this.) I have to give a...
  19. Jhelf

    Schools Question about engineering careers as a high schooler

    I'm a high school junior who thought I wanted to be an engineer (because I enjoy and am good at math and science), and I decided to take AP physics 1, but I now realize that was a horrible mistake. I am doing terrible in the class, and although I kind of enjoy the ideas I hate the math for...
  20. S

    Physics Question about Physics Careers

    Hello, I am an undergrad student not currently studying physics (doing pre-med atm), but considering either switching programs, or, if possible applying for the MSTP MD/PhD program. An area that I'm interested in on the physics side is Medical Physics. I have several questions about this path...
  21. davidbenari

    Other Careers for someone who mostly knows about scientific computing?

    I study Physics and my major requires me to take 6 optional courses in any area of my interest. I am interested in pursuing a career as a programmer, but my university doesn't allow me to choose Computer Science courses due to their high demand. Perhaps I can take one or two CS courses but...
  22. E

    Other Professors, students and careers

    Hello all, I wonder how professors of some fields that have no demand in the job market deal with this fact with their students, especially if they ask? Thanks
  23. M

    Physics Science Policy and how it affects Physics Careers

    This thread is mainly because I'm legitimately scared for science funding and my career, based on the new POTUS's (lack of a) science policy. One random article I pulled up by searching "Trump science policy" had this ending line: "...In short, a Trump administration would mean a crippled US...
  24. Julia00

    Astrophysics Careers: Job Opportunities & Advice

    I am currently studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths and further maths at A level, and I am interested in going to university and studying astrophysics. However I was wondering how can you get a job in this field of science after you get your astrophysics degree? I have done some research and...
  25. A

    Other Career in developing scientific instrumentation

    I've been considering a change in career direction recently, and have been thinking about a career in developing scientific instrumentation. I know that "scientific instrumentation" is vague and encompasses a lot, hence the reason I am posting -- to try sharpen my understanding of exactly what...
  26. M

    Embedded Adaptive Control/Signal Processing Industry Careers

    Hello, I just began a PhD in Computer Engineering three weeks ago. I have an undergraduate degree in EE from a lesser quality university than I am now attending. My background in EE focused on DSP/Image Processing, but it was all deterministic stuff (so no real-world stochastic stuff besides...
  27. N

    What can I do with a degree in Biomedical Science?

    what can i do with a degree in bio medical science ,could i venture into fileds associated with nanotechnology ?
  28. The Eraser

    Physics and Mathematics (Mphys/Mmath/Msci) - careers?

    I just sent my UCAS application for these degrees. Most probably I will end up with Mphys (maybe Msci), but I will see which universities accept me. Now my question is: what jobs/ careers can I pursue with this degree? What about this degree plus a PhD? And that besides teaching careers (I...
  29. The Eraser

    Programs Physics degree - careers that involve programming?

    What are the chances of working in IT if you have a physics degree?? How much do you have to work individually in order to gain the required programming knowledge?? Are there relevant courses you can take as a physics undergrad?? Do you learn any programming language that is relevant to the IT...
  30. S

    Can I Combine Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics in One Career?

    Greetings Physics Forums! I am currently applying to universities here in the United States and have been fascinated with engineering, physics, and mathematics for years now. I love the idea of designing and building as an engineer, researching and discovering as a physicist and research as a...
  31. A

    What kind of careers are good for somebody who enjoys math?

    I am in my last year of high school and I am starting my application process to university. I was considering becoming a actuary, but I heard that the success is based heavily on how well you do at the exams, and studying for the exams is long and tedious. Also I heard that having a degree in...
  32. Wave Rider

    How Careers Are Marketed vs. What They Are

    I'm starting my second year as a graduate student in physics at the University of California, Irvine. It's been sort of a long journey getting here, and along the way I've made several academic/career decisions about what I wanted to do, only to find out that the day-to-day work of that job was...
  33. DamienBR

    Programs Switched careers, physics major advice

    Hello. I am a student in Germany, about to start my major in physics, namely in three weeks' time. I'm really excited about it because I've been wanting to study physics for about two years, but I just didn't have the courage to do it I've just turned 27 and before wanting to study physics I'd...
  34. O

    Physics Vs Engineering for different careers?

    I've studied at an engineering course (1st year) for the last year at a decent UK university but due to some family matters, I'm having to move to another university closer to home( and starting from 1st year again). This is one of the London unis which is very highly ranked for electrical...
  35. Bumpeh

    I want to work with NASA Spacecraft like Voyager

    So, I did a little searching around on these forums before I posted this, and I do see lots of threads about working for NASA but not something about my specific situation. I'm currently attending a college working on my AA. After that, I'm probably going to transfer to a University, where I'll...
  36. N

    Jobs to gain useful experience in astronomy/astrophysics

    Hey guys & gals, a long time lurker here. For a variety of reasons I have failed to secure a PhD position that I wanted this year after finishing my MPhys degree in physics, so I decided to take a year away from studying, regroup, work towards publishing a paper and then come back with full...
  37. C

    Math MS and Physics BS Careers

    Hello. With an M.S. in Pure Mathematics and a B.S. in physics, what careers are available to me if I am not accepted into a PhD program in math? I have no experience in finance or statistics, and I loathe programming.
  38. C

    Careers Outside Academia Richly Rewarding for PhD Physicists

    (Title should read "for" PhD Physicists... I can't type today) From Science Daily: The one graint of salt to take this report with is the fact that 10-15 years before 2011, was well into the dotcom boom, where physics PhDs were aggressively recruited for their number crunching skills. It...
  39. Avimanyu Ray

    Careers in physics other than teaching or research

    Hi everyone, Im from India, a country where the general line careers won't fetch luxury or good financial stability. After doing bachelors in Physics, what are the options open for me other than the teaching profession or Ph.D.? I also need to keep in mind about the financial security while...
  40. G

    What are Government research jobs like in physics?

    I am going to be a college freshmen majoring in physics and am trying to learn about all of the different options I have in the future. I can't seem to find any good information about what government research jobs in physics are like. What does a day look like as a government researcher? Are...
  41. P

    Motivation for research and careers in physics

    I've been struggling to find my own motivation for studying and researching physics, so I wanted to pose this question to anyone willing to answer. What is your motivation/drive/ambition to study physics? What do you hope to accomplish with a career in physics? And finally, was there a moment...
  42. ZapperZ

    Insights Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate - Comments

    ZapperZ submitted a new PF Insights post Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  43. S

    High School Student Thinking About Future Careers

    Hey! I'm a Grade 11 (entering Grade 12) high school student living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I was wondering if I could come here and ask a question on if anyone could give me any advice on what I should do with my life? More specifically, which one of these careers do you think would be...
  44. Gadgett

    How to change careers with finance problems?

    I have to admit i am inspired by the number of people posting about changing careers but my question is how does one change careers when the first one has destroyed them financially? In short I would like to pursue something like this but the idea is impossible. My credit is destroyed, I took...
  45. T

    Engineering Aerospace Careers for Non-Engineers

    Hello Everyone. Most of you are professionals in various related industries so I am asking you for your help with some brainstorming. I am currently 34 years old, have been involved in entrepreneurial things (real estate, marketing, Microsoft Sharepoint systems, food & beverage) since graduating...
  46. F

    Switching careers to Medical Physics UK

    OK long shot here and yes I'm prepared for the "oh how could you be stupid" type responses but its worth a shot. In the nuclear industry it is common place for companies to have a number of apprentices that work while being put through their degree qualification. My question is whether there...
  47. S

    Careers possible if only two beginning computer programming courses taken?

    What are the chances of finding work or a career if an average person were to take two beginning programming courses? Would this be enough for a possible career as a computer programmer?
  48. Biscuit

    Chemistry Nanotechnology careers with biology and chemistry?

    Ok this is my first time posting but my questions about my future are tearing me apart. I am only a sophomore in high school but I am very interested/study physics and intend on perusing my phd. I find nano technology very Interesting and one of the most influential studies that interests me...
  49. J

    Considering getting a B.A in Physics at UNC-Chapel Hill

    Considering getting a B.A in Physics with a concentration on energy at UNC- Chapel Hill. Any thoughts on possible careers? How marketable is this degree?
  50. M

    Programs Careers with a CS/physics double major?

    I've been doing CS for a year now with the intention to get into software development/software engineering. I decided to do a physics major in addition to my current CS degree. My main reasoning was that there's some overlap in science and CS. So getting a physics degree puts me in a place where...