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Cassimir's Dark Energy Plate Experiment

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    I was watching Nova: Fabric of the Cosmos, and there was a part where they were discussing Hendrick Cassimir's dark energy plate experiment. If the plates move, then that is work being performed, right? Isn't it conceivable that this energy is capable of being harnessed regardless of how much could actually be harnessed?

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    Vanadium 50

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    This has nothing to do with dark energy.
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    Hm...perhaps I misunderstand what was said, but I'm pretty sure this was the gist of that portion of the documentary. Would you provide some lay insight on experiment that I am speaking about? I would be much obliged.
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    "Casimir" not "Cassimir", and that will get you to plenty of online sources including wikipedia. And like Vanadium 50 said... No dark energy involved.
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