What is Plate: Definition and 1000 Discussions

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center (MPC), and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.
Official naming citations of newly named small Solar System bodies are approved and published in a bulletin by IAU's Working Group Small Body Nomenclature (WGSBN). Before May 2021, citations were published in MPC's Minor Planet Circulars for many decades. Recent citations can also be found on the JPL Small-Body Database (SBDB). Until his death in 2016, German astronomer Lutz D. Schmadel compiled these citations into the Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (DMP) and regularly updated the collection. Based on Paul Herget's The Names of the Minor Planets, Schmadel also researched the unclear origin of numerous asteroids, most of which had been named prior to World War II. This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Government document: "SBDB". New namings may only be added to this list below after official publication as the preannouncement of names is condemned by the WGSBN.

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  1. Kupa140

    Analyzing the Force of Two Disk Magnets on a Metal Plate

    The situation is as follows. We have two disk magnets. One is fixed on the ground, table, or surface and has the north pole facing up. Then we have a metal plate fixed on the vertical axis rod or something similar such that it can't move up or down, but only rotate horizontally with as less...
  2. Pushoam

    Charge upon a parallel plate capacitor

    a) if I take a Gaussian cylindrical surface whose circular area are present in the meat of the two plates of the capacitor, then the electric flux through this Gaussian surface is zero ( as the electric field inside the meatof the capacitor is zero and between the capacitors, electric field is...
  3. Pushoam

    Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor with a metal plate kept inside

    Because of the plate P, the capacitor becomes a piece of conductor. It contains zero net charge and has 0 potential difference. Hence, the capacitance is ## \frac 0 0 # # that is undefined. The capacitance of a capacitor is defined as its capacity to store charge when a potential difference is...
  4. Pushoam

    Electric field at a point close to the centre of a conducting plate

    Since the electric field due to a conducting plate is twice the electric field due to a plastic plate having same charge density, the electric field at the point P will be twice in case of conducting plate and hence it is 20 volt per metre. Is that correct?
  5. A

    Plate sliding on ice with friction (Physics competition question)

    I reason the frictional force on the plate from the ice is doing work first 3 meters (while the motorbike is moving on top) and then an "x" distance after the motorbike has left it. Does anybody have an idea of how one might solve this problem?
  6. RooneyChemistry

    Fluorescent Sample with Cuvette but not with Plate -- Why?

    I am doing an assay where the formed compound is fluorescent when I use a cuvette in a fluorometer, but not when I put the same sample into the well of a 96 well plate. Why is this? The fluorometer reads from the top and the plates I am using are 96 well plates, black, flat-bottomed well...
  7. matthieu1973

    Efficient hit detection on a shot plate with piezo disc

    Hello to all, I wish to detect the hit of a airsoft pellet on a shot plate with an ESP32 board. to do this I have basically two options: Either, detect the signal as digital (hit / missed) or detect the signal as analog signal with a piezo disks. The analog signal will have more information...
  8. K

    Current through Flat Sheet or plate

    Current flow through a wire is considered (or assumed) to be flown uniform across the cross section of the wire (or is it more near skin? or at core?). However I wonder if that's the case with a sheet or plate or circular disc. e.g. If I apply voltage at two opposite corners of the square or...
  9. BurpHa

    What Is The Maximum Force The Locust Exerted on The Plate?

    At the beginning, I just looked for the highest point in the graph, which is approximately 90 \frac m s^2. Then I plugged it in the formula F = ma and got the force equaled to 0.045 N. However, when I looked back, the graph is about the change in acceleration. So really, I'm dealing with...
  10. warhammer

    Problem on Parallel Plate Waveguide

    The Imgur Link of the Problem with the figure - Problem Link. I did not paste it here as the post upload quality seemed heavily pixelated for some reason. For this problem, what I did was to divide the waveguide into 2 sections of distinct permabilities to calculate the cutoff frequency. Since...
  11. person123

    I Momentum of a Water Jet Impacting Plate

    Suppose you have a jet of fluid (say water) traveling vertically upward at a constant velocity. It impacts a stationary horizontal plate and so moves radially outward in all directions. Assume that there's no energy loss during the impact, so the speed of the fluid remains constant. Is momentum...
  12. L

    Moment of inertia of a uniform square plate

    I placed my Oxy coordinate system at the center of the square, the ##x##-axis pointing rightwards and the ##y##-axis pointing upwards. I divided the square into thin vertical strips, each of height ##h=2(\frac{L}{\sqrt{2}}-x)##, base ##dx## and mass ##dm=\sigma h...
  13. A

    Sphere and electric field of infinite plate

    The solution says that the tension in the string in the negative x direction is balanced by the force of the plate on the ball (red). Why is the repulsive force of the ball on the plate (in blue) not included in this calculation?
  14. B

    I Incident electric field attenuation near a metallic plate

    Hello everybody, I was visualizing the electric field radiation pattern of an antenna in a 3D EM simulation software (CST), and to see it with my eyes made me realize something I probably heard during my studies but forgot. What is the phenomenon behind what you can see below, which is the...
  15. A

    Find the center of mass of a uniform semicircular plate of radius R

    $$rcm = \frac{1}{M}\int_0^\pi(rdm)$$ $$dm = \sigma{dA}$$ $$dA = (\pi*R^2)*\frac{d\theta}{2\pi}$$ $$\sigma = \frac{M}{\frac{\pi*R^2}{2}}$$ $$dm = M*\frac{d\theta}{\pi}$$ $$r = R(cos(\theta)\vec i + sin(\theta)\vec j)$$ $$rcm = \int_0^\pi{\frac{R}{\pi}(cos(\theta)\vec i + sin(\theta)\vec j)} =...
  16. guyvsdcsniper

    Method of images between parallel plate capacitor

    Before I can find the force on q I must balance the charges. This problem starts of with -q and q inside the capacitor. I have added image charges on the opposite side of each plate. Would this work?
  17. E

    What is the Effect of Floating MOSFET Base Plate?

    My specific system will benefit from having the MOSFET base plate floating. Are there any downsides to leaving a MOSFET base plate floating? Are there any reasons not to?
  18. V

    Electric field due to a charged infinite conducting plate

    As shown in figure below, the electric field E will be normal to the cylinder's cross sectional A even for distant points since the charge is distributed evenly all over the charged surface and also the surface is very large resulting in a symmetry. So the derived formula should also apply to...
  19. T

    Force on submerged plate perpendicular to flow

    Hey, I wonder how I can calculate the force of a plate that is submerged in water. I thought maybe the drag equation would be suitable for this with the drag coefficient set to 1.28 (https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/shaped.html). But is implies the flow is according to the image...
  20. J

    I Using Diffraction (i.e., Fresnel Zone Plate) to defocus/diverge light

    I am wondering if it is possible to use principals of diffraction to cause a collimated beam of light (laser) to become divergent. I see that zone plates are most always used for focusing the light from a source, unless they are used in reverse. This is why zone plates are seemingly always...
  21. S

    Designing an orifice plate to increase the pressure in a pipe

    say for 3.013bar absolute pressure pressure ratio : P/Po = 14.7psi/43.707psi = 0.33 which means its chocked flow now i want to find diameter or area of orifice : so could anyone help me
  22. L

    Torque required to rotate a plate in a fluid

    Hello all:) thanks for the help. This is for my fluids class. This is an example problem and I am stuck on it. ok, so i found a video on youtube which walks through the entire process, but I am confused at a few sections. Here is the link to the video so you can follow: at time stamp 2:37...
  23. jjirving

    I Grip Strength: Comparing Pressure Needed to Hold 20kg Weight Plate

    I am interested to compare two scenarios relating to grip strength and how much horizontal pressure will be required to hold the weight. Scenario 1: You have a 20kg weight plate in one piece. You hold the plate between your fingers. Scenario 2: You are holding a small 2X4 block of wood with a...
  24. 1

    Is it safe to cover a floor lamp with an Aluminum metal pie plate?

    Please see the image below. I'm trying to convert my IKEA NYFORS floor lamp into a reading light, by covering the top with an Aluminium pie plate. Will this be a fire or electrical hazard? Does anyone foresee any dangers or risks? As I have 3 of these floor lamps in my attic, I don't want to...
  25. A

    Equilibrium of a stiff plate on inclined planes

    I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO START.ONLY THINGS I KNOW ARE WHAT I RERAD ON THIS THRED. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/equilibrium-of-a-stiff-plate-on-inclined-planes.947601/I can't continue from there. There are also questions where α=β, α+β=45 and where α=45,β=60.How to make use of the fact...
  26. N

    Exploring Magnetic Fields: Is the Plate Affecting My Magnet?

    Hello all!, first post here we go! I was hoping someone could answer a question for me because I can’t find the answer online. Or maybe point me to a magnetic field’s for dummies website.. I’ve been playing with a neodymium magnet shaped like a coin for a few days (yes easily occupied) and...
  27. LCSphysicist

    Field inside a polarized plate

    I am a little confused why my answer is wrong... Briefly, my answer is as follow: $$P = \epsilon_{0} X E = (\epsilon-\epsilon_{0}) E; \space \space \space \space \space \space \space E = P/(\epsilon-\epsilon_{0})$$
  28. S

    Point charge near charged plate

    I thought the equation listed should be used, with the 'charge density' determined by the point charge multiplied by the area of the plate, but not sure if that makes sense.
  29. qnach

    Automotive Measuring wood plate thickness

    I have access to only one side of the plate, i.e. cannot clamp both sides of the plate to measure. Is there any way, perhaps acoustic methods, to measure a plate thickness from only one side?
  30. R

    I Are all the celestial systems in the universe on a big plate?

    It seems that all celestial systems are in different plates, e.g. solar system, milky way galaxy, clusters of galaxies...although different systems might have their own plates, it seems to turn out that small systems are always on the plate of a bigger system...so is the whole universe on a big...
  31. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Engineering Questions on Forces & Friction: Analyzing Plate & Block Motion

    So I have questions on two separate questions. The first question is about the fbd of the plate attached to the pin. How can there be an Ax since there’s no other force in the horizontal direction wouldn’t the plate start moving on the x-direction due to imbalanced forces. Second question about...
  32. H

    A slab of glass dielectric is inserted into a parallel plate capacitor

    I use the following equations to understand this question/answer. First, C = k(ε*Area)/distance = Q/V = Q/ (E*distance) As a slab of glass is added, k increases and thus E decreases. F=QE, as E decreases, force decreases as well. How does this relate to the 'force attracts the glass into the...
  33. C

    Can we unlock the mysteries of tectonic plate movement through geologic history?

    I have been trying to learn about the geology of the western United States since recently moving to New Mexico. There are many videos and articles on line that explain the present and the past both in terms of tectonic plate movements. But the ones I have looked at do not describe why tectonic...
  34. PhysicsTest

    Problem related to a parallel plate capacitor

    The diagram would look like this. a. The total energy is conserved, ##KE_A + PE_A = KE_B + PE_B ## ##KE_A=0; PE_A =1000## ## 1000 = \frac{m v^2} {2} ## ##2000 = {9.1}*10^{-31}*v^2## ##v^2 = \frac{2000 * 10^{31}} {9.1}; v = 46.8 * 10^{15} ## ##v = at; = \frac {qVt} {md} ; t = \frac{vmd} {qV}...
  35. P

    A Parallel plate capacitor in the Rindler metric

    Does anyone have a reference or solution for a parallel plate capacitor in the Rindler metric? I'm particularly interested in the case where the capacitor plates are in the xz or yz planes, z being the direction of the acceleration. The motivation is to get an idea how a transmission line...
  36. E

    Finding the charge density of an infinite plate

    The answer is that the charge density would be -σ, I cannot for the life of me understand why would that be the case. Of course it makes sense but I can't convince myself that it would be the only possible answer. I have tried to apply Gauss law a few times, but it doesn't yield anything.
  37. FEAnalyst

    Plate - bending moment equation

    Hi, I'm trying to solve an exemplary case of a cantilever plate (one long edge fixed, all other edges free) subjected to pressure. I've already calculated this using approximation to beam of unit width and the results are good but I would like to use another method too. In a polish book I've...
  38. FEAnalyst

    Solving for Bending Stress and Deflection in a Cantilever Plate

    Hi, books such as „Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain” or Timoshenko’s „Theory of plates and shells” provide formulas for maximum bending stress and deflection for many cases of rectangular plates. However, I can’t find a simple case of a cantilever plate (one edge clamped, all other edges...
  39. Athenian

    2D Steady-state Temperature in a Circular Plate - Bessel Function

    I learned about Bessel functions and steady-state temperature distributions in the past. Recently, I was searching online for some example problems on the topic and found the "original question" along with the solution online as a PDF file. While I am unsure will it be appropriate for me to...
  40. archaic

    Inserting a dielectric between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor

    a)$$C=\frac{\kappa\epsilon_0\ell x}{d}+\frac{\epsilon_0\ell(\ell-x)}{d}=\frac{\epsilon _0ℓ\left(\kappa x+ℓ-x\right)}{d}$$ b)$$U=\frac{1}{2C}Q^2=\frac{dQ^2}{2\epsilon _0ℓ\left(\kappa x+l-x\right)}$$ c)$$F=-\frac{dU}{dx}=\frac{dQ^2\left(\kappa -1\right)}{2\epsilon _0ℓ\left(\kappa...
  41. R

    Electron moving to the face of plate from depth d

    I don't really understand the question. I don't understand the wording. We know the plate has a thickness L = 0.50cm. If the charge is coming from the battery wouldn't the electrons have to move the entire distance to reach the face of the plate? Because they have to move all the way from the...
  42. FEAnalyst

    Can thermal expansion cause buckling in a compressed plate?

    Hi, in the Timoshenko’s book "Theory of elastic stability" one can find a case of simply supported rectangular plate uniformly compressed in one direction (compressive load is applied to shorter edges). The formula for critical load is: $$N_{cr}=\frac{\pi^{2} D}{b^{2}} \left( \frac{b}{a} +...
  43. Kaguro

    Inserting a charged plate into a capacitor

    Potential depends on the charge contained by the conducting plate. So the plate C should change the electric field and hence potential on both plates A and B. This should change the absolute value of potential,but since A and B are still connected to that cell, I think the potential difference...
  44. aspodkfpo

    I Parallel Plate Fields: Questions & Answers

    Homework Statement:: n/a Relevant Equations:: n/a Sorry for the wonky mouse sketching. Teacher said that arrows must touch the plate at the other end. Is there actually such a thing or is this just preference? I thought convention was for arrow to be in the middle of the line.