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Cautious to click on a link from a new person

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    I have noticed from time to time new individuals posting links in PF. I myself am cautious of someone with no or few post including a link in their thread as I fear it may simply be a front for malware.

    Perhaps others feel likewise. So I am suggesting administration consider preventing the posting of links until a sufficient number of posts have accumulated, maybe 50? This is in response to a thread I noticed yesterday.

    Just a suggestion.

    Ok thanks,
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    This is tricky, as people often ask legitimate questions linking to images, or wikipedia pages, or other sources that are perfectly valid. We tried to limit link posting to members with at least several posts, but it often ends with people posting several almost empty messages just to be able to ask the question - so instead of adding some order it is more work for Mentors to delete these messages.

    Feel free to report posts with links that look suspicious, feel free to not click these links.
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    NoScript in Firefox will greatly reduce the risk in clicking links, as will using non-Windows operating systems and non-x86 architecture.
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