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Cell phones used to detect cosmic rays worldwide

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    There are now more active cell phones than humans. (?) The camera lenses of cell phones can detect cosmic rays. An app has been created that stores such detections in a data base. The app has been used in Iceland, Uzbekistan, and Uganda. There is no apparent practical use, it is for "outreach and education."

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    It's also 2 different groups/apps- Distributed Electronic Cosmic-ray Observatory (DECO) at the University of Wisconsin (this thread), and Cosmic RAYs Found In Smartphones (CRAYFIS) at University of California, Irvine (the other thread). I played around with both of them late last year and found them both to be a bit flaky on my ASUS table.

    These types of apps will probably be short-lived as advances in detector design and imaging processing will eliminate these types of artifacts in the images.
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