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Measuring Cosmic Rays: There's an App for that!

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    A group of researchers from the University of California has published a paper regarding the viability of detecting cosmic rays using an array of 'SmartPhones'. I've read before that the digital sensors (photomultipliers?) in most cameras and cell phones detect infra-red and, by design, this is filtered out by the camera lens. (EDIT: a filter behind the lens)

    Who woulda' thought about cosmic rays? :w

    Article here:

    PDF (7 pages) here:
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    Interesting use of a phenomenon that us astrophotographers have to take pains to filter out of our images. Cosmic rays and high energy particles also plague the detectors of space telescopes. If you take a look at a raw exposure from the HST prior to processing you'd never guess that they could make clear images out of these exposures.
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