CERN discovers new economics particle

This has far-reaching implications for the way we think about economics.In summary, economists have discovered a new particle, called the "FERIR", which explains the persistence of the ZLB. This discovery has implications for the way we think about economics, and might make it easier for economists to argue that night is day and rainbows are grey.
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Economists Discover Quasi-Equlibriated Economic Sub-Particle
The problem economists have explaining the financial crash

By Steve Keen

CERN has just announced the discovery of a new particle, called the “FERIR”.

This is not a fundamental particle of matter like the Higgs Boson, but an invention of economists. CERN in this instance stands not for the famous particle accelerator straddling the French and Swiss borders, but for an economic research lab at MIT—whose initials are coincidentally the same as those of its far more famous cousin.


Its existence was first mooted some 30 months ago by Professor Larry Summers at the 2013 IMF Research Conference. The existence of the FERIR was confirmed just this week by CERN’s particle equilibrator, the DSGEin.


“We have shown that the FERIRequilibrates with and maintains the ZLB,” Professor Krugman explained. “So Larry’s discovery is really, really important”.

Now that economists have explained the persistence of the ZLB, they can now turn their attention to understanding its perverse effects. The real problem of the ZLB for economists has been that it inverts the status and behaviour of all other sub-economic particles. In particular:
  • Growth, which was high, is now low;
  • Inflation, which was bad & everywhere, is now good & nowhere;
  • CBs (“Central Banks”) which prevent inflation, now try to cause it; and
  • HMDs (“Helicopter Money Drops”) which were mad, are now sane
These inversions are causing real problems for economists, who find themselves arguing for policies they used to oppose. Professor Summers hopes that knowledge of the existence of the FERIR will make it easier for economists to argue that night is day and rainbows are grey, as they provide policy advice in these troubled times.
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Monopolies should rule the world.

Fraud brings economic growth.
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EnumaElish said:
These inversions are causing real problems for economists
According to research for a GOTUM ( Grand Unification Theory of Money ), a necessary condition would be the existence of particle-antiparticle pairs. If so, an anti-FERIR particle could be an explanation for the UNREAL problems that are being caused by economists, in contrast to the real problems caused by inversions.

The difficulty, as I see it, is with the loose intrinsic properties of the particles. For example, each particle has an economic spin association. But, when being observed, the spin of the particle is affected. The PS ( Political Spin ) can change randomly depending upon whether a socialist economist, or a capitalist economist, is looking at it.
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