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Cfd & fluent (k-e turb.model and mesh)

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    Hi. I want to make a mesh for a airfoil for i solute it with FLUENT.
    I must use the k-e turbulent model but i do not know how i make the mesh near the wall of airfoil. I have read that the Y plus of first cell must be within 30-300 for standard wall function.
    However, How can i compute the Y length of cells for i make the mesh arround the foil?
    Is there a specific prosses for the constraction of mesh?
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    Do a search for "Sheared Parabolic Grid Generation". This is a common analytic grid generation technique. In fact...I think I've posted the method on here some while back.

    The idea is that you create a cartesian grid, then "wrap" it around the airfoil using complex transforms. This will give you the best possible grid for solving an airfoil.

    Might I also suggest using a "Joukowski" Airfoil to test with. This is an analytically generated airfoil shape (once again using complex transforms). Because it's an analytic shape, analytic solutions exist that you can validate against.
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