What is Fluent: Definition and 40 Discussions

Fluency (also called volubility and eloquency) is the property of a person or of a system that delivers information quickly and with expertise.

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  1. Vin B

    Simulate mach reflection with mach stem generation using Ansys Fluent

    I need to simulate mach reflection with mach stem generation using on Ansys Fluent. The wedge angle is of 22deg at Mach 5.
  2. T

    How to set up a moist object in ANSYS Fluent?

    Hi, I am new to the ANSYS Fluent. I have a question that is how to model a moist object in the Fluent as I am trying to study the drying process with a 2D simulation. I have tried to do it on my own by searching through google but still nothing working out.
  3. B

    How can I plot the drag coefficient vs x-coordinate using Fluent 6.3.26

    hello i want to plot the drag coefficient vs x-coordinate using fluent 6.3.26 best regard
  4. P

    Can Reynolds Number < 70 Cause Turbulence in Elbow Fittings?

    Hello people, If we are working on the flow with reynolds number less than 70 as we all know the flow will be laminar in pipe. Now if the flow continues to flow through elbow fittings like 90 degrees, will we get any turbulence because of the elbow bend ? How to deal with this problem in ansys...
  5. S

    Coordinates from Ansys Mechanical to Ansys Fluent

    Dear all, I am implementing a fluid analysis on cerebral aneurysms and it is obligatory to apply the origin of my coordinate system at the inlet of the aneurysm.I use Ansys Mechanical for the meshing of my geometry which comes with a pre-applied Global coordinate system. I am able to create a...
  6. M Waseem Ashraf

    Calculating Aerodynamic properties of a wing on ANSYS (Fluent)

    Greetings I am currently working on a VTOL intelligent ambulance. I am stuck with calculating CoP and pitching moment calculations on ANSYS (Fluent).
  7. A

    Ansys Fluent transient pipe flow

    Hello, I am doing a relatively simple problem, but i can't initialise it. I have hot water at 400K moving inside a copper pipe at 300K. I would like to see the time it takes for the copper pipe's temperature to increase to 400. However I can't seem to initialise the temperature of the pipe...
  8. F

    CFD Fluent airflow simulation -- "Error: no periodic zones adjacent to grid interface"

    I have created a savonius turbine model with 2 blades using 3D gambit. I want to simulate the flow of air flowing so as to drive the turbine savonius spin (unsteady, incompressible). Geometry consists of 3 volume boxes (domain tunnel flow), cylinder (domain grid interface), blade savonius...
  9. M

    "Surface Body" in mechanical sketches....

    I cannot determine where I should ask this question if here is wrong would you carry it to the correct forum? What does a "surface body" mean? What is it? "The Surfaces From Sketches feature allows the creation of surface bodies using sketches as their boundary."...
  10. M

    How can I check units in Ansys Fluent 18 with SpaceClaim?

    I use Ansys Fluent 18 but the lectures I follow use 16. So there are lots of things different. For example I cannot determine where the units are. In the abvoe vid at 0.12 units are being checked. How can I check them in 18the version i.e SpaceClaim. And I cannot hightlight xy plane as did in...
  11. M

    Ansys Fluent Help: Troubleshooting Geometry File Creation in 34 Seconds

    I try to learn Ansys Fluent. I try what I watch but I am stuck. After clicking "create simulation process" I cannot find that "geometry file" in 34. seconds. Would somebody can help? Thank you.
  12. Gort

    A Are many physicists not fluent in the language of physics?

    Most physicists would agree, I believe, that mathematics is the language of physics. Mathematical models are used to describe the physical world. I therefore found it somewhat amusing but disconcerting that a recent paper found a statistically significant negative correlation between...
  13. grapheeene

    Modeling Surface Reaction (CVD) on ANSYS Fluent

    Hi guys, First of all, thank you for your help. I am new in Ansys and Fluent (less than a month), hoping to learn. I am trying to model a simple and single surface reaction CH4 (g) -> C(s) + 2H2 (g) on a "CVD reactor" to grow C(s) (graphene, or graphite). The inlets are gases inyections of...
  14. A

    Two phase flow simulation in Fluent -- velocity problem

    Hi. I'm trying to simulate two phase flow (gas - solids) in unsteady state in CFD Fluent. After testing many k-e models I'm achieving the same problem - solids have their assumed velocity (12m/s) but after 3,5seconds of real time they pass a distance of 0,5 meters... whereas the first phase...
  15. upender singh

    Counter flow diffusion flame simulation using Fluent

    Hi, I am trying to model a counter flow diffusion flame using ansys fluent with fuel/oxidiser as methane/air. The problem is that the flame temperature(800 K) is much lower than what it should be(>1600 K). I am using Non premixed combustion module with steady diffusion flamelet and adiabatic...
  16. Omish

    Ansys Fluent solving without initial amounts

    Hi I have a pipe Which has constant heat flux from walls. I need to get pressure drop (dP) and temperature rise (dT) in outlet as results. I know the velocity inlet, but don't have pressure inlet and tempreture inlet. Would fluent be able to solve the modeling and give me dP and dT? I emphasize...
  17. I

    Phase change phenomena in Fluent v15

    Hello everyone, I am beginner in fluent v15, and I want to simulate the temperature change as a function of time in the phase change materials "PCM" and the heat thermal fluid "HTF" and the PCM fusion Front. Regarding the geometry I chose to work with two coaxial tubes: the inner tube contains...
  18. Tallus Bryne

    ANSYS Fluent error reading .cas file

    This is my first time using ansys Fluent, and I am trying to follow this tutorial for modeling a heat exchanger under various conditions. I have been provided with a "Case 1 Mesh" file of the extension type .cas which is to be used in our simulation involving several or one heating element(s)...
  19. Joydeep Munshi

    ANSYS 14.5 Workbench Geometry and Mesh editor problem

    Hi everyone, I have recently installed ANSYS 14.5. But after opening workbench, while trying to open Fluent I am getting problems like "Unable to start the geometry editor." and "Unable to start the Meshing editor." I have attached the error screen shot. Please help me out in this. Thanks a lot.
  20. M

    Troubleshooting ANSYS Mesher for Interior Part Views

    Homework Statement I have a part in my ANSYS Mesher that I am attempting to mesh Homework Equations I need to view the interior of my part as seen in the photo. However, each time I try to view my mesh this way, I get the view seen in the second image. I need to fix this issue so that I can...
  21. T

    Overlapping geometry in ANSYS fluent

    I'm performing a 3D CFD simulation in ansys fluent on a laboratory in order to verify the pressure map and overall ventilation design. During meshing, ansys is displaying the following error "The mesh file exporter does not support overlapping geometry in Contact Regions. Please resolve the...
  22. M

    How Can UDFs Calculate Coating Thickness in Multi-Phase Flow Simulations?

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to simulate the encapsulation of pancreatic islets in a very simple chamber. It is made of one cylinder with diameter of 10mm, a coaxial capillary of diameter 1mm. In the cylinder there is a oilic phase and in the capillary flow polymeric material and islets. when islet...
  23. T

    What are the best free tutorials for learning Ansys Fluent

    Hey there, What are the best online free tutorials for learning ansys fluent. My background : I have a background in mechanical engineering but 0 knowledge in ANSYS Fluent. Any Information is appreciated, Thank you
  24. N

    Solving Mass Flow Inlet Issues with Direction Vector

    Hi every one, I am a fluent user, & I need help to illustrate something concerning the mass flow inlet. when I want to inject a gas ''for example" I want then to change the parameters from normal on the shape into leaded by a 'direction vector', so I choose direction vector instead of...
  25. V

    Free stream temperature in convective bc's in Fluent

    I'm trying to solve the case of a fluid flow inside a tube using CFD fluent solver with convective bc for fluid side surface of the tube. As the boundary conditions take both inlet and free stream temperatures along with velocity at the inlet, i am confused with values of to be given for inlet...
  26. D

    Cfd - familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX?

    Cfd -- familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX? Is anyone here familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX? I have some questions about creating a simulation of subsonic flow over an airfoil. I have done the Cornell University tutorial. I then moved on to try simulating different arifoils, in particular S809...
  27. U

    Using Gambit or a substitute for use with Fluent.

    Hi, I recently obtained Fluent 6.3.26 and I was told that I would require Gambit in order to build the geometry for use on Fluent. However, I can't find anywhere to get Gambit from, since none of the torrents I tried to get it from work. Could someone tell me where I could get Gambit...
  28. T

    How much math should I know to be fluent in math?

    I am a chem major in college and taking my first calc 1 course this semester-I am little late from my peers in learning math, I was bio major and did not have to take math that seriously before. So far I really like calculus and I don't have any trouble whatsoever in it. I am considering to take...
  29. A

    Aerodynamics Using Gambit and Fluent

    Hi everyone, I am new-by here. I am totally blind about cfd and aerodynamics. Can someone please help me how to model a simple air flow such as below link using gambit and fluent? Please don't assist to learn with below link...
  30. S

    Learning to Use Fluent Software

    how to use fluent software? i downlaoded from web but i don't know how to use it and it does not contains help documents so I am bit confused pls help me
  31. C

    How can I learn dynamic meshing in Fluent?

    hi i am new to fluent and i hav done few basic tutorials in fluent.But now i need to use dynamic meshing for my project so can anyone guide me how should i start to learn dynamic meshing. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in advance
  32. I

    Becoming Fluent in Math Proofs - Tips & Advice

    I'm starting to learn how to write proofs, and I am wondering how to become fluent in proofs. Is it necessary to do problems that are IMO/Putnam? Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance.
  33. T

    Help me please on moving animation in fluent

    Hi guys... I want to simulate Crossflow/Banki turbine by using FLUENT. But I don't know How to make my blade rotate. How I can simulate it?? Because When I read water pump simulation. The concept of water pump is Blade drive water. But i don't know how when water drive blade. To make my Banki...
  34. P

    Dynamic Mesh - Fluent - Savonius Wind turbine

    Hey guys, new user here. I had a question about a project I am working on with a professor. Unfortunately he does not have much experience with fluent but is a very intelligent and experienced person when it comes to the theory. So I am basically trying to develop a chart of the power...
  35. G

    Choosing the Right CFD Textbook for Working with Fluent

    hello i am an undergraduate student and i have to do my project with "Fluent". but i have not worked with Fluent before and i am told that before working with fluent i should read some cfd texts. so i was wondering if anybody could help me to choose the right cfd textbook for working with...
  36. M

    Cfd & fluent (k-e turb.model and mesh)

    Hi. I want to make a mesh for a airfoil for i solute it with FLUENT. I must use the k-e turbulent model but i do not know how i make the mesh near the wall of airfoil. I have read that the Y plus of first cell must be within 30-300 for standard wall function. However, How can i compute the...
  37. T

    FLUENT - Turbine Blade Cooling

    hi guys, i was hoping someone could possibly help me out with a problem i am having. please take a look at the attached picture. i am modeling a turbine blade, trying to find how different configurations for internal cooling configuration affect the overall temperature distribution in the...
  38. A

    3d analysis in gambit & fluent

    cud anyone please gimme some links for tutorials for airflow over 3d geometry in gambit(for meshing) & fluent (for analysis)... :confused:
  39. E

    Convection heat transfer, Fluent vs Calculations

    Hi all I've been calculating heat convection off a horizontal heated plate to still cool air around it. Since the plate has a size of 50m2 the GrPr number is turbulent i there's no equation in my book to calculate heat transfer by convection for GrPr > 10^11, so i used the equation of GrPr at...
  40. himanshu121

    Troubleshooting Mesh Issues in Gambit and Fluent CFD Tutorials

    Hi i want to know the difference b/w a good mesh and a bad mesh in gambit, pls give me suggestions and if possible a good link which gives a lot of tutorial on gambit and fluent, I am attaching a msh file which i created using gambit can anyone pls suggest what is wrong with the above mesh...