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Cfd - familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX?

  1. Mar 7, 2014 #1
    Cfd -- familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX?

    Is anyone here familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX? I have some questions about creating a simulation of subsonic flow over an airfoil. I have done the Cornell University tutorial. I then moved on to try simulating different arifoils, in particular S809, but I haven't been able to get results within a reasonable margin of the physical experiments.

    So if there is some where who understands the two modules I named, I would love to go into more detail on what I have done and seek advice on how to improve my process.

    Thank you
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    If the angle of attack is small and you are in the low mach regime you should get results pretty close to the experimental measurements. One problem is usually that the far-field condition is too close to the airfoil and another is that the mesh is not fine enough. For a 2D airfoil you'll probably only need a couple of million cells but it's important to make them fine enough near the airfoil and larger radially outward up to say 25 cord-lengths away from the airfoil. Also, the choice of turbulence model is important.
  4. Jun 29, 2014 #3
    2 million cells for a 2D aerofoil in subsonic flow?
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