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Change all colors in an image except black

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    I have a typesetting software which can export typeset math as normal, nice looking black LaTeX text. However it always puts it on a white background. How can I change the background color of an image (png or jpeg) without changing the black text contained int he image? Should I write a script that can do this or is there already a tool to do so? I want the background of the picture to match the background of my poster.

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    It's possible to set the background of a jpeg to be transparent. I don't know what the capabilities of your software is though.
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    I was thinking of writing a program to cycle through each pixel and convert it to the color I want, skipping the black pixels, but I don't know if that is overkill or if there is some other easy way to do it.

    Edit: cool...I will check that out
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