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Change (control)the spin up or down of 1 entangled particle

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    I want to know if its possible to change (control)the spin up or down of 1 entangled particle so it would be possible to transmit data throughout the universe instantly.
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    Re: Entanglement

    It is impossible to transmit Information FTL (Faster Than Light) using quantum Entanglment. It is poossible to change the spin, but for the recipient on the other end (call him Bob for formality) would only be able to see random noise. You need non-quantum (Classical) means of communication. You could meet before you part and agree on certain timings, etc... but then you've ALREADY communicated the information sub-c right? When you break down all of the other ideas you run into the same issue; "Spukhafte Fernwirking" certainly seems to exist, but in terms of using it to break the limits sets by Relativity and Causality are out. Sorry!

    This doesn't mean Entangled partcles wouldn't be useful as means of communicating information, but you'd be doing it at or below 'c'. You should do some research into quantum computing, crptology, and sub-c secure communications. There ARE amazing properties of what you're talking about, they just happen to not break Causality.
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    Re: Entanglement

    Must consider about entanglement :

    Applications of entanglement

    Entanglement has many applications in quantum information theory. With the aid of entanglement, otherwise impossible tasks may be achieved. Among the best known applications of entanglement are superdense coding, quantum state teleportation, information exchanges through time, and the creation of a Quantum Computer. Efforts to quantify this resource are often termed entanglement theory.[9] [10] Quantum entanglement also has many different applications in the emerging technologies of quantum computing and quantum cryptography, and has been used to realize quantum teleportation experimentally[11]. At the same time, ......... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement#Applications_of_entanglement"
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    Re: Entanglement

    Why would the other only see random noise he cannot see the particle changing state ? can you clarify ? What do you mean by timing ? can you clarify that too ? a protocol is always decided in advance before transmitting a message...
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    Re: Entanglement

    As I said, this is a subject that has been covered, probably dozens of times in this forum. JDo a search, and I guarantee you'll find all the answers you need.
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    Re: Entanglement

    OK thank where it as been covered can you give me a link please ?
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    Re: Entanglement

    https://www.physicsforums.com/search.php?searchid=2042777 [Broken]
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