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  1. allisrelative

    I Does Decoherence get rid of all Quantumness?

    The answer is no and even when decoherence occurs for Wigner's Friend in the lab, quantum coherence remains. Let's start with the paper that illustrates this. Assisted Macroscopic Quantumness CONT. Wow, I recently read this paper and the results are simply...
  2. Quantum Alchemy

    B Can entangled particle pairs be measured at the same time?

    Has there been an experiment where 2 particles that are entangled are measured at the same time? If so what was the result? Can any observer occupy the same frame of reference down to an electron? Don't we all exist at different times based on our frame of reference so none of us can share the...
  3. G

    I Bell test where observers never were in a common light cone

    Hi. I wonder if following thought experiment (which is most probably impossible to be put into practice) could have any implications concerning interpretations of QM. Consider five parties A, B, C, D and E, lined up in that order and with no relevant relative motion. No pair of them have ever...