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Homework Help: Changing position in circular motion

  1. Jun 20, 2007 #1
    Could you help me with question : How does the x and y component of the position change in circular motion?
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    Draw a circle at the origin of x and y axes. Then, as you move your pen around the circle, the x and y components of the position of your pen will change.

    Your question isn't very precise-- what do you mean by "how"? Are you looking for equations here? Is this a homework question? If so, then state the exact question, and your attempt before we can help you.
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    ;) it's my exam's question on monday . It's the exact formulation of these question and I think it's about the relation between x y components and the angle - yes any equation
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    Do you mean "change with time"? Do you mean *uniform* circular motion?

    In any case, have you seen the formula [itex] \theta(t) = \theta_i + \omega t [/itex] for circular motion at constant speed? If yes, the answer is simple. If not, I am not sure what they are looking for in terms of an answer. If you fix the time, it's pretty clear how to write x and y at a given time in terms of the angle at that same time [itex] \theta(t) [/itex] and the radius R of teh circle.
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