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Characteristics of different types of hypoxia

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    My book illustrates characteristics of different types of hypoxia in this table 0UfX7.jpg

    Arrows directed upwards indicate an increase and vice versa.

    I know what each type of hypoxia is, but I find a difficulty understand the change in venous PO2, O2 content and saturation of hemoglobin in anemic, stagnant and histotoxic hypoxia.

    Could some one give me simple explanation of the above diagram?

    Thanks in advance!
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    With 4 x 7 = 28 cells in that table, and with perhaps 2 or 3 possible values for each cell, and different possible etiologies and interdependencies and independencies for the value distributions, the table presumably should be viewed as a guidance device for aiding understanding of presentation sets, and as such, should be expanded upon in the explanatory text, and not inappropriately oversimplified. Complex matters, alas, are often not susceptible to simple explanation. Even so, I think that in general, quests for simpler explanations are often worthy and fruitful, and perhaps someone else on this forum will present a more insightful response.
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