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  1. C

    Anti-viral Activity of Anise Extract

    Anise extracts contain Lignin-Carbohydrate complexes (LCs), which have been found to have anti-viral effects according to this article (DOI: 10.1271/bbb.100645 ). However, from what I understood by going quickly through the article, the scientists applied the extract directly onto the cell...
  2. Asmaa Mohammad

    Characteristics of different types of hypoxia

    Hello, My book illustrates characteristics of different types of hypoxia in this table Arrows directed upwards indicate an increase and vice versa. I know what each type of hypoxia is, but I find a difficulty understand the change in venous PO2, O2 content and saturation of hemoglobin in...
  3. Asmaa Mohammad

    Function of erythropoietin

    Hi, I don't actually get the function of erythropoitin hormone in erythropoiesis, what is written in my text book is that erythropoietin accelerates all steps of erythropoiesis as it stimulates mRNA synthysis, and also, it shortens the maturation time of RBCs in the bone marrow. I would like a...
  4. Asmaa Mohammad

    Medical The preganglionic fibers which supply the thoracic viscera

    Hello, In my text book, I read that the preganglionic fibers which supply the thoracic viscera originate in the lateral horn of the upper 4 thoracic segments. I read too that the the preganglionic fibers which supply the head and neck originate in the lateral horn of the first and second...
  5. Asmaa Mohammad

    Medical The power of the human eye's lens

    Hello, I read in my physiology book that when the ciliary muscle relaxes, the power of the eye lens decreases, hence we get the ability to see far objects. I am new to physiology, and when I googled "the power of the eye lens" I didn't find articles explain the sentence above simply. So I...
  6. Asmaa Mohammad

    Medical The function of glycocalyx

    Hello, In my physiology book it is said that the glycocalyx helps attach the cells together. I know that glycocalyx is carbohydrates + proteins or lipids, but I don't understand the mechanism by which the glycocalyx attach cells together, and google searches don't help. So I would appreciate...
  7. harini07

    Digestion of milk in humans

    Homework Statement The intial step in the digestion of milk in Humans is carried out by which of the following enzymes? A) lipase B) trypsin C) rennin (No, not renin) D) pepsin Homework Equations Casein is converted to Paracasein by rennin and then paracasein along with calcium is acted upon...
  8. caters

    Writing: Input Wanted Is it useful to have 2 stomachs?

    Here I will talk about the digestive system of my Kepler Bb humanoids. Mouth The teeth are much stronger than bone(Strong enough that they can eat bones no problem). Other than that and all time tooth formation(so a loose adult tooth is no problem for them since another will grow in its...
  9. Aafia

    How is the functioning of body organs determined?

    I wonder how were historically functions of the body organs determined? I mean how they dermined working of circulatory system , Nervous system, Excretory system etc?
  10. CMATT

    Choose each of the following statements that would be true regarding the brain

    Homework Statement Choose each of the following statements that would be true regarding the brain or special senses. There could be multiple answers. a) Properly using the captive bolt should result in pupils that constrict in response to a bright light b) The part of the brain that releases...
  11. Rickswan

    Realistic demon physiology and weapons against them

    This thread is also my introduction to the forum, so hello. So the basic setup of my story is the hordes of hell invade New York City. I'm agnostic, so it's more "beings from another dimension enter ours" than a religious thing - it's like the DOOM game series. Let's say that a certain amount...
  12. E

    Medical Why do we enjoy listening to music?

    I've been researching this subject for a little while. I'd like to hear your ideas, because the topic is widely discussed. So here is some part of my research which makes my opinion quite clear: "Sometimes we say , that one is moved by music. Of course, it does not mean for him/her to be...
  13. A

    Deeper learning in Physiology?

    I have no idea where to post this, but I figured this is the most relevant place. I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section. I am a Pharmacology and Toxicology major at a large state school. I was only required to take physics I and II. (algebra based) At first I thought that was fine, but I...