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Characterization of materials and radiation biology

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    I've to choose one, material science is one of my favourite subjects, but i ignorethe nature of those 2 subjects in general and the profs aren't willing to say anything usefull...I'm confused because people wouldn't take more materials, as it's being said that it's difficult and very theoretical, on the other hand they say that radiation biology is a lighter subject, but this si not my concern, i want to choose soemthing i could be comfortable with.
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    Materials characterization would be a great skill to have if one is involved with understanding how materials behave. Radiation biology sounds like health physics, which is also useful, but seemingly more limited. Hopefully one could take a class on radiation effects in materials.
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    Last term i took a course on nuclear reactor materials, there was a part where we discussed the different radiation effects on materials,it was enjoyable, material courses are enjoyable to me, i donno why am i confusing myself, what i understood that the course involves the methods of characterization through the material reaction to electron beams and ions....As far as i recall.

    Asking about radiation biology, it was about dose calculation, radiation effects on biological systems, stuff like that, which sounds interesting too, also being considered as an intro to a shielding course next year...

    I'm very undecided...
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