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Charged particle optics papers

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    Can anyone refer me to some webpages where elementary matrix treatment to charged beam kinematics and optics can be found?I am working on this myself and need to refer to some papers.
    the problem is that I cannot access this from my home.Please help...
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    Perhaps one can find something through this site-
    Instrument development and charged particle optics


    http://www.uga.edu/caur/EMOptics.ppt [Broken] (save target as)


    Or one can search google with "electron optics" - although many sites have information about instruments and not the physics of electron or charge particle optics.

    http://www.oulu.fi/electronoptics/instruments.html [Broken]

    this is an interesting article - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_microscope

    and this might be useful -

    Despite missing references, the information can be substantiated at other sites.
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    Thank you.Let me check these.
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