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Checkers - rules when one player can't move?

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    I was playing checkers today with a friend and the weirdest thing happened. I was black and he was red. I had a black piece situated so that there were no possible moves for his red piece, but i could still make a move. It eventually came down to him having two pieces (one that couldn't move and one that could), and me having two pieces. I destroyed his piece that was able to move and his turn came up, but he couldn't make a single move. What has to happen then? Does red have to forfeit? or is it just a tie?
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    Then you have to learn how to play Chess. :smile:
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    If you don't know the rules, then you look them up, of course! :tongue:

    e.g. Wikipedia has a checkers page.
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    thanks for replies

    Thanks, I guess I won that game :D.

    I do play chess sometimes. The only real reason I play checkers is because whenever I go biking I stop at a small fast food place that has checkers boards painted on the tables :P. It's always a good time to play checkers while drinking shakes.
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    There's a place like that near here. Half the tables have checker boards painted on. The other half have chess boards.
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    Ah, you're lucky to have chess boards painted on the tables. We have chess and... Tic Tac Toe boards painted on the tables.
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    Sounds like a good place to take your queen for a night.
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