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Chem Research for Physics Grad School

  1. Oct 18, 2015 #1
    I am a undergraduate physics major currently researching in a astrophysics lab. My PI is away this summer, so I will be unable to research with him between spring and fall semesters. However, I found an opportunity to do work with an organic chemistry group that I suspect I will enjoy (I enjoyed orgo having taken it while I was still a premed).

    While the lab explores some subjects related to quantum physics, for the most part I would not be exploring subjects relevant to my future in physics/grad school.

    Is this opportunity still worthwhile? How will graduate programs view doing non-physics research, or potentially having a recommendation from an organic chemist?

    I still have plenty of time to find a physics group I would enjoy working for, but I also do not doubt I will like this position.
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    I'd stay the course. If you have a good recommendation from your astrophysics job, some organic chem research won't hurt. Broad based experience is not bad, especially if all the faculty you work for write good recommendation letters for you.

    Letters from research supervisors mean more than from classroom teachers.
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