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Chemical engineering first year student

  1. Nov 11, 2014 #1
    hello friends my name is thembile from South africa starting next iam going to study chemical engineering via distant learning i was hoping to be given tips and what to expect and be given recommendations about what kinda books must i study in advance to equip myself regarding physics and maths as i have alredy been covered with maths your calculus and algebra and differentiation.looking fowar to your replies.
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    I would not recommend trying to do any engineering studies via ''distant learning''. It is a demanding topic that usually requires the guidance of someone knowledgeable, and not having a reliable source in person will greatly hinder you. You can always look at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

    After you have your basic math and physics, you will want to start your chemical engineering education with a book that teaches mass and energy balances, such as Felder and Rousseau's Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes. That will get you started at least. Good luck
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    thanks first for replying since my situation is intense i can only afford to study via unisa where i will also attend part-time so financially at the moment i can afford to go through only first year as part time student hopefully i will crack this fisrt year and second year i will move to study full time. for the books i can check for thanks cause i need to get started as early as possible to grasp most things.
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    Mark Harder

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    It's more difficult to learn a subject without input from someone who has arranged the materials in his own head and teaches what he thinks is most important and explains the more difficult topics found in the course texts. If your online instructor isn't helping this way, maybe you need to study in a flesh-and-blood school where you have real contact with the profs and other students. Also, see 'Rhino1000's posting and his/her replies...
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    Mr mark i will be hoping my online is on point because if not i was also thinking i will attend classes at other campuses from weekends but as now i will register on 24th november so i will take physics 1 and chemistry 1 and chemical drawing and the practicals of two subjects respectively i have maths 1 so i wont enroll for it.hopefully i will do good first semester and second semester to enroll for full time studies.
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