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Homework Help: Chemical Kinetics - Activation Energy and gr

  1. Jul 19, 2012 #1
    The problems are Number 12 and 13 on this link

    I have the value of k for sum number 12, it is 1.54*10^-4.

    Im completely stuck with number 13 cos I'm unfamiliar with that concept and it kinda went over my head in lecture this morning.

    If anyone wants to help with 14, it would be appreciated :D

    The problem set is due in like 10 hours, so no pressure xD
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    the integrated rate law for 0th,1st,2nd order might help for problem 13.
    for q.14 use first two data to find the rate law and rate constant.
    then using arrhenious equation and the third data find rate constant at 650K.
    use the integrated form of rate law to find the required time.
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