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Homework Help: Chemical reactions and stoichiometry

  1. Sep 26, 2006 #1
    hello, i hope someone can help me.
    i have a few questions.

    The elements sulfur and chlorine react to give disulfur dichloride according to the equation:

    S8 + 4Cl2 --> 4S2Cl2.
    There are 0.5987 mol S8.

    a) How many moles of Cl2 are needed for complete reaction?
    b) What mass of S2Cl2 in grams can be produced? The molar mass of thi sis 135.0374 g/mol.

    Can someone walk me through it ? Lost!
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    Well think about it. The reaction shows you the molar ratios for one complete reaction, that should give you the first bit

    for the second bit you do the same thing but find the number of moles of products produced from your amount of reactants then using the molar mass find the mass of product produced
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    for a)
    Would it be 0.5987 mols of S8 x 4 moles Cl2/1 mole S8 = 2.3978 mole of Cl2?
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    for b)
    2.3948 moles of S2Cl2 x 4S2Cl2/4Cl2 = 2.3948 moles S2Cl2

    2.3948 moles of S2Cl2 x 135.0374 g/mol = 323.39g?

    I hope this is right, thanks for the reply.
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    the calculations look correct
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    thank you very much!
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