What is Isolation: Definition and 67 Discussions

In health care facilities, isolation represents one of several measures that can be taken to implement in infection control: the prevention of communicable diseases from being transmitted from a patient to other patients, health care workers, and visitors, or from outsiders to a particular patient (reverse isolation). Various forms of isolation exist, in some of which contact procedures are modified, and others in which the patient is kept away from all other people. In a system devised, and periodically revised, by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), various levels of patient isolation comprise application of one or more formally described "precaution".
Isolation is most commonly used when a patient is known to have a contagious (transmissible from person-to-person) viral or bacterial illness. Special equipment is used in the management of patients in the various forms of isolation. These most commonly include items of personal protective equipment (gowns, masks, and gloves) and engineering controls (positive pressure rooms, negative pressure rooms, laminar air flow equipment, and various mechanical and structural barriers). Dedicated isolation wards may be pre-built into hospitals, or isolation units may be temporarily designated in facilities in the midst of an epidemic emergency.
Isolation should not be confused with quarantine or biocontainment. Quarantine is the compulsory separation and confinement, with restriction of movement, of individuals or groups who have potentially been exposed to an infectious microorganism, to prevent further infections, should infection occur. Biocontainment refers to laboratory biosafety in microbiology laboratories in which the physical containment (BSL-3, BSL-4) of highly pathogenic organisms is accomplished through built-in engineering controls.When isolation is applied to a community or a geographic area it is known as a cordon sanitaire. Reverse isolation of a community, to protect its inhabitants from coming into contact with an infectious disease, is known as protective sequestration.

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  1. The Bill

    Engineering EE resources for audio hardware design?

    My Google-fu has been failing me on this. I'm looking for a good variety of online resources and textbooks on the design of audio equipment. The level I'm looking for would be for upper-level undergraduate or intro graduate level electrical engineering. Topics must include how to best isolate...
  2. E

    Is transformer always 'source' to which current returns?

    I am not sure if I should use the word 'current' or 'charge' but my question is whether, in a typical U.S. residential 120/240 split phase system, is the local transformer always the source to which current (charge?) must return? Or can it bypass and go direct to other PoCo elements/generators...
  3. E

    B Rest energies of individual nucleons considered in isolation

    I'm conscious I posted a question about a similar topic recently, however I can't seem to resolve an apparent contradiction. As an example, consider a deuterium atom with 1 proton and 1 neutron. When separated at infinity, each has a certain mass and a certain rest energy differing only by a...
  4. G

    Power supply for testing: Variac or isolation transformer first?

    This is for safely powering up devices being tested/repaired. Supply is 240V rms single phase, protected by 32A MCB and 30 mA RCD/GFCI, then fused at 13A. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus online, and my EE and repair books just say I need both, without specifying order. I think the...
  5. J

    Definition of isolation and pulse response time for a 3-way power splitter

    I will use 3 way power splitter and power detector. 1. This is power splitter data sheet. In this data sheet, there are different isolation values. What does it mean?? Also in that point, I wonder definition of isolation at power splitter. 2. This is power detector data sheet. In this data...
  6. T

    Wall thickness vs frequency.... sound isolation

    When sound hits a wall,part of it gets reflected and part of it gets transmitted due to acoustic impedance difference between solid and air. My problem,and point of this question is that having material or gas impedance number is completely useless unless we know the frequency and wall...
  7. R

    Applied Acoustics - decouple a speaker and a wooden table

    If several sheets made of some kind of rubber are being used as acoustic insulators, which configuration would be more efficient to decouple a speaker and a wooden table, absorbing most vibrations? (Ps: Image not drawn to scale)
  8. PhotonSSBM

    Probabilities for two spin systems interacting in isolation

    Homework Statement Consider a system A consisting of a spin 1/2 having magnetic moment ##\mu_0##, and another system A' consisting of 3 spins 1/2 each having magnetic moment ##\mu_0##. Both systems are located in the same magnetic field B . The systems are placed in contact with each other so...
  9. B

    Thermal equilibrium and isolation

    If two objects are at the same temperature, but thermally isolated from one another, are they still considered to be in thermal equilibrium with one another?
  10. B

    Automotive NVH Test for rubber mounts on firewall

    Hello gang! I am dealing with a new issue at work and I though you might give me some much useful insight. Im trying to fix a component to a plate and using 4 screws and rubber bushings to attach said plate to the firewall. The component is around 5-6 kgs and needs to held in place firmly but...
  11. C

    Rate Constant Determination - Isolation Method Homework Help Needed

    Homework Statement Due to formatting problems, I have attached the problem below. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Plotting the appropriate graphs and based on linearity, I have determined that the reaction is first order with respect to [O2] and second order with respect to [NO]...
  12. H

    Isolation Transformer: Why Load Connects to Primary Side

    Why does the load connect back to the primary side of the transformer?
  13. J

    Noise isolation headphone recommendations?

    I am looking for some noise isolating headphones for my younger daughter to use when my older daughter is practicing her french horn. It is one loud instrument! I wouldn't expect active noise cancelling headphones to work since I have a hard time believing they can respond quickly as a horn...
  14. G

    Isolation transformer: Potential difference to the earth

    Hi. In a normal power plug, neutral is on the same potential as the Earth and therefore, in theory, safe to touch. Line carries the full voltage difference and is dangerous if the body provides a conducting connection to the earth, since this closes the circuit to neutral. Isolation...
  15. WCOLtd

    I Rotation curves of galaxies as a function of isolation.

    Which galaxy has the largest angular momentum of all galaxies observed? What does its rotation curve look like? Which galaxy has the smallest angular momentum of all galaxies observed? What does its rotation curve look like? Which two galaxies are closest to one another? What do the rotation...
  16. T

    Quick question about inverter TX order wrt mains

    Hi, I should know better, but I'm having a mental blank. I was just wondering, if you're doing something using non-linear components on the mains, could be anything, maybe bucking to make a DC supply, whatever. Is it common practice to use an isolation transformer between mains and the...
  17. teetar

    Questions about charged objects in isolation

    Not sure if the title accurately conveys my questions, but my question is, in such a situation that an object is charged and in hanging from an insulating thread, will it eventually lose its charge? This seems extremely simplistic, and my instinct is to say of course, but for whatever reason...
  18. P

    Do Isolation Transformers Compromise the Earth Wiring Protection of a Circuit?

    hello! isolation transformers are supposedly protecting from electric shock without them, the voltage source is connected to a circuit and the circuit is connected to Earth via an earthing wire. if you touch the live circuit, a closed circuit will be formed that will give you electric shock...
  19. A

    Isolation of protons and alpha particle

    Hi, I wanted to ionize hydrogen and helium to get protons and alpha particles. I then want to smash the protons into the alpha particles. Is it better to accelerate both the alpha particle and the proton or just keep the alpha particle as a target for the proton to hit? Or is there a better way...
  20. N

    Isolation transformer questions

    Hi I'm trying to design a circuit to be hooked upto mains ac, and it was recommended that I should use an isolation transformer for safety purposes. 1) what purpose does this server, I know that it allows power to pass without the circuits being joined, but what affect does that have/why is it...
  21. T

    Basic Vibration Damping and Isolation

    Hello, I am studying and trying to understand Powertrain / Engine mounts used in automotive such as these: http://images.gasgoo.com/MiMwMDRfMDA0Izc4MDA3NzIwMA--/auto-part-engine-torque-strut-mount-engine-mounting-for-buick-enclave-chevrolet-traverse-gmc-acadia-25840458.jpg...
  22. S

    Could Anti-Matter Really Be Stored and Contained for Experiments?

    Wikipedia says CERN has isolated about 38 atoms of antihydrogen and maintained them for over 15 minutes? ... Do you think that is possible? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN
  23. NotAMethDealer

    Is there a safer and simpler method for separating sodium from table salt?

    Any way to easily extract the sodium out of a unit of table salt. Due to the dangers of Cl2 gas I will use a fume hood. Is there any way to isolate the sodium metal without high temperature electrolysis.
  24. M

    Finding Interior Points in a Subset: Hints & Tips

    How do you find the interior points of a subset? I understand that a point is an interior point if there exists an epsilon neighborhood that is in the set, but I don't know how that would work with specific sets. Any hints?
  25. N

    Isolation of heavy metals from their respective oxides

    At the moderators discretion; I have recently revisited the concept of the goldschmidt process of refining metals and in my searches found the similar process dubbed "the Ames Process" to refine uranium tetrafluoride into pure uranium. Though the process is already successful, the thought...
  26. S

    Help with Isolation amplifiers

    Hello. I need help in finding the following isolation amplifiers: 1. I'm measuring current of approximately 600 A using LEM current transducer LF 1005-S (which gives an output of 200 mA for 1000 A). LEM transducer need DC power supply, and i use bipolar 15 V dc power supply. I need isolation...
  27. M

    Voltage Isolation Help, Please

    Hi, I am trying to design a circuit to keep my microcontroller safe from any sudden voltage spikes. Here is a picture of my circuit. The ac source on the left represents the Ac main voltage from the house @ 120V 60Hz stepped down to 2.5v 60Hz. The 28k resistor on the right represents the...
  28. Y

    Fault in isolation transformer

    Hi, Maybe this is a stupid question, but I've been wondering about this all day. In my book, they only explain the isolation transformer really brief. As far as I understand, the main of the transformer has a neutral which is grounded, if you touch that, the current will flow through...
  29. H

    Is isolation necessary for accurate scientific research?

    What is meant by isolation?
  30. R

    What is an isolation transformer

    Does anyone know what is meant by electrical isolation? From this schematic: url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/12/Swer.gif I don't see the significance of calling the transformer an "isolation transformer". What is the difference between a transformer and an isolation...
  31. R

    How Can I Isolate a 9V Battery Load for an Audio Circuit?

    HI all, first time poster. What I'm looking to do is isolate a 9VDC load. Specifically, I've got a 9v battery supply, and need to isolate one of the loads(200ma max). My best guess is to somehow turn it into an AC voltage, run it through a 1:1 toroidal transformer, then rectify it back to...
  32. R

    Vibration Isolation in Beams

    I wish to dampen a boom arm, which at its fixed point is connected to a vehicle (arm length is 5m long). The boom is 'L shaped' is attached to the to of the vehicle and extends 5m in the horizontal, then the second leg hangs down 5m, almost to the ground. The end of the boom arms contains lead...
  33. K

    ATP Isolation, Injection, Issues.

    Bear with me if you notice any botched ideas in my writing, I'm working on it. Initially I was wondering about direct injection of ATP. But I ran into a roadblock... First - Is it possible to isolate ATP from a source and make a high concentration ATP solution or even pure ATP? (extraction...
  34. S

    A question about KI and the isolation of I2 (molecular iodine)

    I'm aware and so are many of you that I2 (iodine crystals) was moved to a "listed" chemical by the DEA around 2007 I believe, because some retards were using it in the clandestine production of methamphetamine. Also during this time iodine tinctures greater than 2.0% were moved off the shelves...
  35. E

    How Can I Build an Affordable Vibration Isolation Platform for Filming Concerts?

    Im new here and I am not an engineer but i have a question hopefully someone can offer their thoughts on.. I film and record bands live and i want to run a video camera at concerts that are often very loud.. At times I also need to position the camera in front of the PA speakers and this...
  36. P

    Vibration Isolation Damping Coefficient

    Homework Statement I am trying to solve how to select a vibration isolator for a machine to be mounted on a vibrating surface. I know the disturbance frequency, 22.5Hz and the mass of the machine is 40kg. I have selected some commercially available rubber isolators and subsequently know their...
  37. Q

    Residual-current device & isolation transformer

    Hi guys, I don't understand why when one touches both the live wire and neutral wire in the secondary of an isolation transformer, the current in the live wire and the neutral wire in the primary will be the same. This is described in my book as the reason why a residual-current device in the...
  38. E

    Isolation Transformer: Protecting Circuits & People

    Hai all, How does an isolation transformer protects the circuit and the person from shock. Please explain in detail.
  39. E

    Oscilloscope Isolation: Explained

    Hai all, Could you please explain the need for isolating the oscilloscope. If not isolated what will happen?
  40. G

    Genetic isolation of Australian Aboriginals?

    Has anyone ever studied the question of how long the native Australians were genetically isolated from the rest of the world, or if they ever even were genetically isolated? I'm just wondering how much genetic distance separated the Europeans from the Aboriginals when they finally met a few...
  41. A

    Is technology isolating us from true human connection?

    have you ever pondered on just how isolated every facet of society is from one another, and our subsequent dependence on technology to stay connected and in cooperation with the rest of the world? with a population nearing 7 billion, no one really knows anyone. A very basic observation, I'm...
  42. T

    Isolating Single Atoms: Experiments & Application

    Hey guys, I'm working on some experiment designs and I'm trying to figure out if its possible to isolate a single atom of a particular element for insertion into an inert gas chamber, so say for eg, i want to take carbon atoms, one at a time, and inject them into a neon gas filled chamber, is...
  43. G

    Base Isolation Systems in Skyscrapers?

    I was wondering if base isolation systems are used in the design and construction of skyscrapers. I was reading up on base isolation systems and they seem to be used in normal sized buildings frequently. Anyways, if anyone could give me some examples of base isolation systems being used in...
  44. W

    Uses of an Isolation Transformer

    I want to know what do we use an isolating (1:1) transformer for. My book says it is to "protect against electric shock". It doesn't say how. I tried to ask my teacher but he didn't know. I also have looked at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_transformer" , but I could not...
  45. S

    Sound isolation capacity of an idealized wall construction

    I'm looking to understand how to estimate the sound isolation capacity of a wall structure. With rising degree of detail will probably come an exponantial increase in complexity. I'm looking to start of, euhm,... gently. :shy: What I've gathered so far: -The impedance of the wall seems to take...
  46. P

    Isolate x in this following function f(x)= ( Variable isolation problem)

    x2= 61250 e-427t - 61250 cos (2tan ( 25t + 0,0004t2x2)) Isolate, find x2 This is a hard one, not a homework question, it's for a project, but if mods feel it like homework, feel free. Thanks in adavnce, I have no idea whatsoever what to do.
  47. M

    What Is Electric Isolation and How Does It Differ from Galvanic Isolation?

    I'm trying to determine exactly what electric isolation is and how to break isolation. Is Galvanic isolation the same as electric isolation? I have found some information on Galvanic but not Electrical. If anyone has a good resource to recommend on the subject I would appreciate it. Thanks
  48. T

    Isolation Transformers and Electrical Safety

    Hi, An isolation transformer is used in order to "safely" separate one part of an electric circuit from the mains. (description in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_transformer" ) Still I have problems grasping the important concept of such a transformer. I have spent some time...
  49. Chandra214

    Purpose of Ferrite Bead in Ground isolation

    Hi, please let me know the purpose of having a ferrite bead isolation for ground (between digital and power)? as far as i understand. the ferrites will be helpful in case of power noise filtering. And noise from digital line return path wouldn,t affect the power levels as it might do for...
  50. I

    Atomic Isolation: Conditions for Line Spectra

    Hi Guys! *waves* Anyway, I was just wondering what conditions and in what state are atoms sufficiently isolated so that it gives rise to a line spectra. I thank you all for any help you provide in advance. Many thanks, Icetray