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    I Definition of isolation and pulse response time for a 3-way power splitter

    I will use 3 way power splitter and power detector. 1. This is power splitter data sheet. In this data sheet, there are different isolation values. What does it mean?? Also in that point, I wonder definition of isolation at power splitter. 2. This is power detector data sheet. In this data...
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    I Applied Acoustics - decouple a speaker and a wooden table

    If several sheets made of some kind of rubber are being used as acoustic insulators, which configuration would be more efficient to decouple a speaker and a wooden table, absorbing most vibrations? (Ps: Image not drawn to scale)
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    Automotive NVH Test for rubber mounts on firewall

    Hello gang! Im dealing with a new issue at work and I though you might give me some much useful insight. Im trying to fix a component to a plate and using 4 screws and rubber bushings to attach said plate to the firewall. The component is around 5-6 kgs and needs to held in place firmly but...
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    Noise isolation headphone recommendations?

    I am looking for some noise isolating headphones for my younger daughter to use when my older daughter is practicing her french horn. It is one loud instrument! I wouldn't expect active noise cancelling headphones to work since I have a hard time believing they can respond quickly as a horn...
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    Quick question about inverter TX order wrt mains

    Hi, I should know better, but I'm having a mental blank. I was just wondering, if you're doing something using non-linear components on the mains, could be anything, maybe bucking to make a DC supply, whatever. Is it common practice to use an isolation transformer between mains and the...
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    Basic Vibration Damping and Isolation

    Hello, I am studying and trying to understand Powertrain / Engine mounts used in automotive such as these: