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Chemistry Questions

  1. Mar 7, 2009 #1
    A hydrogen cylinder holds gas at 3.67 atm in a laboratory where the temperature is 25° C. To what will the pressure change when the cylinder is placed in a showroom where the temperature drops to 7° C?

    I am having trouble calculating this question. Unsure what equation I need to use. Can anyone help?
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    What gas laws do you know?

    You should use post template, now I have to ask questions that you should answer in your first post.
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    I know Charles law, Boyle's Law, the combined gas law and the ideal gas law PV=nRT
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    Begin by listing all of your known values. Just a straight forward before and after listfor each type of measurment (volumes, mass, pressure, temperatures, etc etc) that is given.
    Then take a look at those formulas and see which equations utilize those types of values.
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