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Child molester avoids prison because he is short

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    http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/2006/05/26/short-prison.html?ref=rss [Broken]

    Like Thompson, I am 5'1". I don't applaud the ruling.

    This is almost comical though. Prison is a danger to him, what about the child?
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    Personally I think the judge did the right thing. If she believed he would be in genuine danger then the ruling is fair. The state is there to punish people not endanger them.
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    How tall was the child?
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    The judge screwed up. The fact is that any child-molester sent to prison is at risk for sexual assault by other inmates, regardless of how tall they are. If she wanted to protect him she should have given him prison time with the option of serving it in solitary confinement for his own protection.
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    Child molesters deserve nothing less than the black hole of calcutta.
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    I agree. It doesn't have to be solitary, but at least limited mixing with the general prison population. You'd think by now there would be enough child molesters in prison that they could send them all to the same facility to make them serve out their time but separated from the rest of the prison population that would take it upon themselves to get retribution for an innocent child.
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    They have something like that in a lot of prisons. Not just for molesters, but for gang informants that have been caught and people who just don't want to mix with the general population (although they need a good reason for being separated).
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    I hope the appeal is successful, and the man gets real prison time. I don't care how short he is.
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    I once saw a man who was about 5'-0" tall carry a baby grand piano up a flight of stairs by himself. He strapped on a weight belt, put a strap around the piano to hold onto and up he went. I doubt anyone would mess with him in prison.
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    Didn't we have a thread about this a long time ago?
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    Probably. I've heard of this a long time ago, so no doubt someone had already reported it here.

    ...or else he'd carry them up a flight of stairs?
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    I looked at the story again and this time noticed the dateline. That story is over 2 years old. I tried to find out what happened with the appeal. Apparently, the Nebraska Supreme Court was unwilling to hear the appeal, so the light sentence probably holds.
    http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-168190446.html" [Broken]
    That story has an Aug 30, 2007 dateline.
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    Does this mean at 6' 3" I am more likely to go to prison? Probably...
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    Yep! And if you're in great shape, that means that they'll need an extra guy to restrain you while you get acquainted with your new boyfriend.
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    I remember once when I was a teenage delinquent I got mentally evaluated by some court appointed shrink. She gave me an IQ like test. At the end she said I did very well, which means the court will sentence me more harshly. That was messed up... (of course she told me after so I couldnt throw the test)

    Maybe this is the way our society is going... Instead of 'let the punishment fit the crime' its going to be 'let the punishment fit the mental and physical capabilities of the criminal'.
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    Our society has been there for centuries.
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    They weigh about 600 lbs. You want to pick a fight with a guy who can carry 600 lbs up a flight of stairs all by himself in one trip?
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    No; but at 6'3" you are DRASTICALLY less likely to be incarcerated on parole or on probation.

    I researched this at the Florida Department of Corrections website. Short men are substantially more likely to go to prison or be on probation or parole than tall men. Since the average American man is 5'10", there are about equal numbers of men in Florida 5'5" and shorter as there are men 6'3" and taller.

    There were 11,838 men 5'5" and shorter in the Florida Department of Corrections who were incarcerated or on parole or probation.

    There were 7,761 men 6'3" or taller who in the Florida Department of Corrections records who were incarcerated or on parole or probation.

    Very Short men are almost twice as likely to be locked up or on parole or probation as very tall men.

    Tall men make about 50% more income than very short men as well, but that's another story.
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    What are you smoking?
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