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China made swiss watches before the swiss

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    Probably just a cheap knockoff
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    Ahh A tomb raider lost there watch.. Which of course means that some one got there before them..
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    You guys have it all wrong. 400 years ago, this was a Monopoly piece. People liked the shoe and the car better, so this was discontinued. Plus, the mongols couldn't eat it or use it to kill enemies, so the market was also lost.
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    wow and it's so minature,

    "Watches were not around at the time of the Ming Dynasty and Switzerland did not even exist as a country, an expert pointed out."

    ah ha ha

    Watch making used to be representation of technological abilities of a state. A Chinese state owned company (seagull) bought mechanical watch machining equipment from Russia back around 1950, and now produces 1/4 of the worlds mechanical watches. A typical Chinese business model...I own a Seagull watch, wouldn't able to afford a Swiss or Japanese one.
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    The OP cites the DailyMail, which is one of the most looked-down-upon websites in the world in terms of credibility. It is a laughing stock even among teenagers in the UK. IMHO, it should be proscribed from any respectable forum, and should certainly never be allowed in PF.

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    Give the members of PF more credit than that. It's posted for a laugh, that much is clear. Seems your suggesting funny posts that reference other websites should not be allowed.
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