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Choosing filter paper to extract an organic compound from HCl using gr

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    Do I need to worry about the pore size, or can I just assume that any/all paper filter will remove the organic compound while letting the smaller HCl molecules through?

    The molecular weight of the organic compound is listed as "240"
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    I don't know that plain old filter paper would work on a soluble component of a mixture. Typically if you want to filter something in solution, you need to use ultrafiltration techniques (which have limits to how small the pores can get AFAIK) or find a way to separate the unwanted component into a separate phase (for example precipitation).
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    If the solute is ~100um uniform in size (solid outside of the HCl), shouldn't paper filters work? Would be sufficient to use a pore size of 50um, or should I use a smaller size?
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    Sounds fine to me. If it were me, and I were working on an tested protocol, I'd check (qualitatively or quantitatively) the filtrate to get an idea of how well it worked.
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    Is normal filter paper sufficient to resist HCl or should I be buying special "hardened" and/or "ashless" filters?
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    I'd imagine it depends on the concentration of HCl. Erring on the side if caution, you're best bet is likely to check with the manufacturer.
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    Thanks, I will do that.
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