What is Hcl: Definition and 145 Discussions

The compound hydrogen chloride has the chemical formula HCl and as such is a hydrogen halide. At room temperature, it is a colourless gas, which forms white fumes of hydrochloric acid upon contact with atmospheric water vapor. Hydrogen chloride gas and hydrochloric acid are important in technology and industry. Hydrochloric acid, the aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride, is also commonly given the formula HCl.

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  1. D

    Effect of HCl on NaCl crystallization rate

    I came across a book that said if you add HCl (acid) to a saturated NaCl solution, then the crystallization process of that salt will be accelerated. Is this true, and if so, how? Edit: As it is with these things, I find the solution immediately after making this post. Here is a youtube video:
  2. P

    Polar Covalent Bond in HCl question

    If my understanding is correct, the polar covalent bond in HCl creates a polar molecule because the molecule is unsymmetrical. 1. Does this mean that the partially positive H of one HCl molecule will be attracted to the partially negative Cl of another HCl molecule and vice versa, to create a...
  3. P

    Does the Reaction of Cl2 and KH Produce KCl and HCl?

    Does anyone happen to know if Cl2+KH > KCl + HCl? And if it does, what is the reasoning? Is it because Cl2 prefers an ionic bond rather than a covalent bond?
  4. I

    Chemistry Titration of HCl with CaCO3, then excess HCl titrated with NaOH

    There is 0.019243 mol of CaCO3, and therefore 0.038485 mol of HCL. There is 0011505 mol of HCl in excess after reacting it with CaCO3. The concentration of HCl after water is added is 0.11515 mol/dm3. There is 0.0011515 mol of HCl in 10 cm3 of the new solution, and the same number of moles of...
  5. ARN

    Why & How HCl is Used for Cleaning Materials

    Homework Statement:: why HCL is always used for cleaning materials. I have cleaned graphite rod with HCl. How will it help ? How does HCL do the cleaning? Relevant Equations:: Nothing some says that it helps to remove the impurities, but how ? will it effect the graphite rod? [Moderator's...
  6. G

    Calculate the HCl concentration in H2O from the conductivity

    Hi y'all, I think this is my first time in the chemistry section of this forum, so thank you in advance for your patience with what is (I'm pretty sure) an elementary question. I've googled around for this a bit, but my last acid chemistry study was in 2002 or so, so the reading I am doing is...
  7. C

    How to calculate the energy of a battery built with HCL?

    Hello If we have two bottles with solutions with HCL at different concentration. Can we produce energy out of it? How can I calculate how much? Thanks!
  8. S

    What gas is produced when copper is added to diluted HCl?

    Copper pennies were placed into HCl which had been diluted with an unknown quantity of water. The pennies look cleaner, ... remain un-corroded (as expected). There is a slight bit of gas being produced , with no smell, but can cause discomfort to eyes. Bubbles formed on the pennies for the...
  9. S

    Calculating the conductivity of a solution of HCl and HAc

    Homework Statement I need to calculate the specific conductivity k and the resistance R of a cell containitng 0.01 M HCl and 0.1 M acetic acid (HAc). I know the molar conductivity of HAc: Λm = k/c = 5.14 cm2S/mol. I also know Ka (HAc) = 1.795 *10-5. I know the cell constant Kcell = R*k =...
  10. C

    Calculate pH of 4.41 M HCl Water Solution

    Homework Statement Hello everybody, How can I calculate pH value of 4.41 M HCl water solution? Is it possible for such a solution to exist? Thank you very much for your help, CroSinus Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution When I try to find - log 4.41 I get a negative value. I do not...
  11. B

    [PoM] Most intense line of HCl molecule

    Hi guys, I've another exercise... 1. Homework Statement Determine the equilibrium internuclear distance ##R_M## of HCl molecule, knowing That some contiguous lines of the rotational spectrum of 2H35Cl are observed at the wavelengths: 234.1, 186.8, 156.4, 134.1, 117, 5 ##\mu m##. If the...
  12. Kaneki123

    Half-Reactions in Zn + HCl Reaction

    I do not have a clear concept about half-reactions...Can someone please give the half reactions for following reaction, Zn^0 + 2H^1 Cl^-1 -----> Zn^+2 Cl2^-1 + H2^0 or Zn + HCl ----> ZnCl2 + H2
  13. donaldparida

    Difference between liquid HCl and a solution of HCl

    I know that HCl is a compound whose 1 molecule is composed of 1 hydrogen and 1 chlorine atom bonded co-valently to each other, the bond being polar co-valent. It exists in gaseous state at room temperature. When HCl gas is dissolved in water, it dissociates to furnish H+ ions and thus HCl...
  14. Roger Paine

    Zn + HCl and steel or iron plating

    I dissolved zinc in HCl until it stopped fizzing - all the Zn is gone so there may be some HCl left. I have a purple/violet liquid that I assume is zinc chloride. When I brush newly cut mild steel or iron with the solution, I get copper/brass coloured plating that does not rub off. I have no...
  15. N

    MHB Chemistry: Demonstrate the definition with a chemical equation for HCl.

    Demonstrate the definition with a chemical equation for HCl. Express your answer as a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your answer. My Answer: HCl(g)+H2O(l)→H3O+(l)+Cl−(aq)What the answer said: There is an error in your submission. Make sure you have formatted it properly.
  16. S

    How much HCl is produced during formation of Nylon 6,6?

    I was wondering if excess hydrochloric acid was produced during the reaction to make Nylon 6,6 (interfacial polymerization)?
  17. R

    Checking pH meter calibration HCL >37%

    Hi, I've calibrated our pH meter using 4.01 and 7.01 buffer solution, but I'm not sure if the probe has dried out at some point. So I want to check the calibration, I have some HCl > 37% that I can use. Just a quick question, since pH is on a log scale so I have to make solutions every ten...
  18. B

    Can the Same Formula for Activated Carbon Be Used for HCL Limelayer Filtration?

    Dear Sir/Madam, Im in my final internship for my bachelor mechanical enginering. And i have to design the filter system of a cremation proces. The fluegas is filled with toxic concentrations. Such as mercury, PCDD/PCDF, HCL, NOx The mercury and dioxine i will filter using activated carbon ...
  19. A

    A Problem in continuous function of Excimer laser

    I am student of MS and working in the field of laser. I am trying to run an old Excimer laser system (XeCl) having output energy 400mJ, pulse width 30ns and frequency 1-100Hz. The laser works only for less than one hours after filling with new gases and the energy continuously decreases within...
  20. J

    Calculating amount of HCL required

    Homework Statement Suppose Iron(II) Sulfide is reacted with hydrogen chloride. How many grams of HCl is required is react with 75.0 grams of Iron (II) Sulfide ore of which 30% is inactive. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a SolutionEDIT: Nevermind I solved it. Obviously 43.6 g of 2...
  21. Aafia

    Mg metal reacts with HCl to produce hydrogen gas?

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known Mg metal reacts with HCl to produce hydrogen gas. What is the minimum volume of HCl solution (27% by weight) required to produce 12.1 g of H2? Density of HCl solution is 1.14 g/cm3Homework Equations [/B] This question...
  22. K

    Prolonged contact between HCl and alkanes

    I've verified that there is no obvious reaction between hydrochloric acid and simple alkanes (roughly C4-C12) over short timescales; they simply settle out with the heavier HCl on the bottom and the lighter hydrocarbons on the top, with no apparent heating or changes in general properties (as...
  23. D

    Find ph based on given volume and molarity of HCl and NaOH

    Hello! I am trying to crack the following problem: What is the pH of a solution formed by mixing 125.0 mL of 0.0250 M HCl with 75.0 mL of 0.0500 M NaOH? Here is how I am approaching the issue: both HCl and NaOH are strong acid and base respectively. Hence the concentration of [H3O+] =...
  24. A

    Is concentrated HCl (12M) a liquid and a gas?

    I just remembered that in my lab from a few months ago, the 12M HCl we used was "evaporating" or producing gas, similar to dry ice in water but no where near as much vapor. I'm just curious, is concentrated HCl usually like that or was the acid contaminated?
  25. B

    What is the Correct Value of Kw at 10°C?

    Homework Statement At 10 C, the concentration of OH in 1 M of HCl is approximately: Answer: 3x10^15 Homework Equations Kw=KaKb The Attempt at a Solution This answer throws me off. If we assume that HCl completely dissociates, we use the [H+] from the acid in the above equation: 1x10^-14 = 1...
  26. A

    How to prepare 0.1M 200mL HCl Solution using 6M HCl

    Homework Statement problem 1) so i have a 6M HCl solution, and i want to make it a 200mL 0.1M solution problem 2) so for this experiment i was supposed to mix HCl and NaOH until they neutralized. I have to confirm the molarity of HCl that was used using math. So i used 10mL of an unknown...
  27. B

    How do I lower the pH of a water supply

    Homework Statement [/B] Just a general question to see if I'm doing this right. The volume just doesn't seem right. Anyways we have a water supply of 1.6 million gallons with a pH of 9.93. We want to get the water to a pH of 6 using a 30% HCl solution.Homework Equations M1V1+M2V2=M3V3...
  28. S

    Force constants of DCl and HCl

    The force (spring) constant of HCl 477.8 N/m, and the force constant of DCl is 487.95. Why should these values differ by 10 N/m? Is a D-Cl bond somehow stronger than an H-Cl bond?
  29. RoboNerd

    Graphite and HCl.... why do they not react?

    Homework Statement Graphite does not react with HCl as I saw in a previous lab. However, I looked at activity series on google and they all have carbon as more reactive than hydrogen, so theoretically graphite should react with HCl. However, this is not the case. Homework Equations No...
  30. H

    Why HCl is polar covalent compound?

    since HCl dissociates in H+ and Cl- like NaCl then why it is not ionic still?? tell except electronegativity diff?
  31. Lotic7

    Thiophene synthesis using H2S, HCl, and 1,4 diketone

    I had this synthesis question on my last midterm and got it wrong. I was wondering if someone here could point me in the right direction. It is a thiophene synthesis that starts off with a 1,4 diketone, but instead of P2S5 or Lawesson's reagent, H2S and HCl are used. I tried to hydrate one of...
  32. F

    What if pH of 9 for HCl? Investigating Possible Answers

    We know pH is measured by the negative logarithm of concentration of Hydrogen ion. But what if the concentration in HCl is 10-9M then the pH will be 9. But how can it be possible since a pH of 9 is basic while HCl is an acid?
  33. mooncrater

    Instead of HCl why should I use H2SO4+NaCl?

    Homework Statement In my book there is a reaction given that is: MnO2+4HCl→MnCl2+Cl2+2H2O To prepare Cl2. And then it is given that in place of HCl, a mixture of H2SO4+NaCl is used... but why? Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution NaCl+H2SO4→NaHSO4+HCl We here also get HCl. So...
  34. N

    Why is my solution precipitating after neutralization with NaOH and HCl?

    We're attempting to measure the immunogenic affects of a particular molecule after subsequent acid and base treatments. As a first version, we're keeping it simple. After all treatment and neutralization, we wind up with 400 uL 0.2 N HCl + 400 uL 0.2 N NaOH + 200 uL H2O. We are getting massive...
  35. R

    HCl Energy and Angular Momentum ?

    The bond distance for HCl is 1.29 A. At the lowest rotational state the energy is zero. What is the energy and angular momentum Lz corresponding to the first nonzero rotational state? I m not sure if I am approaching this problem right. first I did 1.2 A = 8.3 x 10^7 cm^-1 Then I used this...
  36. seyyed30

    Aluminum + Hydrochloric Acid: Making Aluminum Chloride

    How can I use aluminum with hydrochloric acid to provide aluminum chloride?
  37. J

    Procedure of preparation of HCl

    Homework Statement Knowing that HCl is strong acid we want to prepare HCl solution of pH=4.2.starting from a solution of pH=2.9.Explain briefly the procedure that should be followed to do this operation. Homework Equations pH=-log(H3O+) 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I calculated: At...
  38. barryj

    Exploring the Molecular and Ionic Nature of HCl and Other Acids

    I have thought the HCl is an ionic compound since it disassociates in water. However I read in my chemistry book that HCl is molecular. So what is it? Are all acids molecular or just the ones like HF, HCl, HBr, etc?
  39. T

    Calculating pH of Water After Adding HCl and NaOH

    Homework Statement What will the pH be by adding 1M HCL and 1M NaOH to pure water? Homework Equations pH= -log[H+] The Attempt at a Solution Well, If we form the reaction formula we get HCl + NaOH ---> H20 + NaCl This is a neutralizing reaction, so the net effect produces just water...
  40. N

    Applying Coulomb's law to HCl and LiF

    Homework Statement During a chem lesson my professor was demonstrating Coulomb's law using HCl. Fe = kq1q2/r^2 so what he did was he replaced q1 and q2 with 0.17 and -0.17. Then he showed an example with LiF and then replaced q1 and a2 with 1 and -1. I think he was trying to...
  41. carllacan

    Can the Vibrational Spectrum of HCl Be Explained by Isotopic Differences?

    Homework Statement Chlorine has two naturally occurring isotopes, Cl-35 and Cl-37. Show that the vibrational spectrum of HCl should consist of closely spaced doublets, with a splitting given by ##\Delta \nu = 7.51x10^{-4}\nu ## where ##nu## is the frequency of the emitted photon. Hint: think...
  42. K

    Choosing filter paper to extract an organic compound from HCl using gr

    Do I need to worry about the pore size, or can I just assume that any/all paper filter will remove the organic compound while letting the smaller HCl molecules through? The molecular weight of the organic compound is listed as "240"
  43. S

    Distance between the atoms in HCl

    Homework Statement At transition from first excited state of rotator to ground state the molecule of HCl shoots out a photon with ##4,8\cdot 10^{-4}m##. How far apart are the atoms in the molecule? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution What is wrong with: ##\Delta...
  44. K

    Why Do Strongly Bonded Compounds Like HCl and NaCl Ionize in Water?

    The bonds between H and Cl are strong, almost close to ionic, right? Thus if that is the case why does HCl readily ionize into H+ and Cl- upon contact with water? It doesn't make sense that such a strongly bonded compound should completely disassociate upon contact with water. Further, why does...
  45. B

    Electric Force problem involving HCl and Br- on coordinate axis

    Homework Statement A hydrogen chloride molecule (HCl) has a partial positive charge on the hydrogen atom and a partial negative charge on the chlorine atom. The HCl molecule is placed at A. There will be force on the bromide ion in the +x direction. B. There will be force on...
  46. S

    Using a Platinum Electrode & HCl in a Standard Hydrogen Electrode

    In Standard Hydrogen Electrode why only Platinum electrode should be used and why should it be dipped in HCl?why can't we use any other metal dipped in any other acid other than HCl?
  47. Q

    Calculating pH of Mixture of 0.1 M Na2S and 0.05 M HCl

    Homework Statement Consider mixing a 100 mL solution of 0.1 M sodium sulfide with a 200 mL solution of 0.05 M hydrochloric acid. What is the pH of the resulting solution? Homework Equations Moles of solute = molarity of solvent * volume of solvent The Attempt at a Solution...
  48. F

    Getting HCl from limescale remover?

    As a home chemist I don't have access to Hydrochloric acid, however I did find some limescale remover that claimed to contain 6.75% HCl. This substance is blue and soapy. Any ideas on how I could isolate just the HCl? (Obviously dissolved in water)