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  1. DrClaude

    I Organic molecules found on Mars

    NASA Curiosity rover hits organic pay dirt on Mars Scientific article: Organic matter preserved in 3-billion-year-old mudstones at Gale crater, Mars
  2. C

    Organic Chemistry Elimination

    Can anyone help me with this ? What does the arrow mean ? Is it cis or trans,the base is small so it should be an E2 elimination with zaitsev product.Though I think it may be due to the beta hydrogen being unavailable,but I do not know whether the arrow means from the upper or lower /cis trans...
  3. C

    What Chemistry Book is this?

    Hello ! I am preparing for chemistry olympiad,and my friend gave me this exercise in organic chemistry,but he wont tell me what book this is from can anyone help identify what book /problem collection this is ? (It has got some nice problems,at least higher than solomons organic chem) Thanks in...
  4. alphaj

    Are open-air distillation and simple distillation the same?

    Homework Statement There really is no problem for this. I am just writing my procedure for orgo lab and I haven't dont any distillation before. I tried googling "open-air" distillation to see if it was equivalent to simple distillation, but I can't seem to get a straight answer. Homework...
  5. RoboNerd

    Quick question on IUPAC organic naming

    Hi everyone. I was bashing my head against this compound. I thought that the correct name for it was 4-ethyl-1-heptanol since apparently the longest parent chain has eight carbons. Could anyone please advise if my answer is correct, and if not, what I did wrong? Thanks in advance
  6. T

    Difference between optically active and inactive compounds

    Any polarised light's plane is shifted while passing from one medium to another for refraction. So, optically active or not, a solution of any compound will cause refraction because of its density. Then whats special in an optically active compound?
  7. Mike Dacre

    NBS vs radical HBr in the bromination of olefins

    I am having some trouble understanding why different sources of bromine radicals supposedly brominate an alkene at different positions. What I mean by this: In the first example, the Bromine radical attacks a hydrogen at the allylic position and then a termination reaction results in a Bromine...
  8. MarcozXD

    Should carbon boiling stones be used in O-chem reactions?

    I performed column cromatography on an oil, and used carbon boiling chips but got some weird IR. I used hexanes and acetone as solvents, im trying to figure out some of the spikes, soo im thinking that maybe the boiling stone being carbon could acted as activated carbon and absorbed some organic...
  9. AdityaDev

    Alkylation of Imines: achiral to chiral compounds

    I found this in "March's Advanced organic chemistry" After that step, on using HCl in pentane, you will get 4-methyl-3-Heptanone. So this method was used to convert achiral 2-pentanone to a chiral compound, by first converting it to the compound on left by addition reaction and then using a 2...
  10. DennisN

    Complex organic molecules discovered in protoplanetary disk

    (@mfb posted an article about this here, I think it deserves an own thread, and I did not find one, so I start one :smile:) The comet-like composition of a protoplanetary disk as revealed by complex cyanides Karin I. Öberg, Viviana V. Guzmán, Kenji Furuya, Chunhua Qi, Yuri Aikawa, Sean M...
  11. A

    Kinetics question: calculating rate constants

    Homework Statement I need help for this kinetics question: Chlorination of butene at 0 degrees c, liquid phase, dichloromethane as solvent. initial concentration of butene is 0.1M conversion of 47.71% achieved after 3.1 hours. an additional 0.5M of hot butene was added at this point, which...
  12. K

    When does resonance take place?

    As in what are the conditions for resonance (i.e. in oganic chemistry) to occur? Sometimes it occurs, sometimes it doesn't; for reasons unknown. A little help please? :/:olduhh:
  13. A

    Use of Carb- Prefix before functional group names?

    1. I have been facing problem with the use of carb-prefix under same special conditions in organic chemistry nomenclature. Homework Equations 3. One friend of mine suggested me that if there are 3 or more similar functional group, out of which none can be given priority in a single...
  14. Q

    Mechanism of saponification

    Homework Statement Problem: I am told that the first mechanism is operative in saponification. The Attempt at a Solution However, this strikes me as wrong because the first mechanism involves the formation of dianion. Using hydroxide ion to abstract a proton and make that particular...
  15. Y

    Random thought, Organic food?

    I've been eating organic food for the past year, and just recently I heard it's not any healthier for you. Is that true? I spend about 1/3 of my paycheck buying organic, it is really expensive and now I find out, that it's not any better for you. I just want to know if that's true?
  16. B

    Accurately and Quickly Interpreting NMR/IR Spectra

    In examining the IR spectrum, I noted that there were peaks for CH2-x where x is bromine, methylene (2 peaks) and a peak corresponding to a methyl group; I concluded that I've synthesized n-bromobutane. Is the method I used to interpret my spectra sound? *CDCl3 was the IR solvent In addition...