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Homework Help: Circular motion space station question

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    could some one explain where am i wrong?

    A proposed space station includes living quarters in a circular ring 53.5 m in diameter. At what angular speed should the ring rotate so the occupants feel that they have the same weight as they do on Earth?

    in such a station there is a centr. force mv^2/r.
    it equals mg since i want them to feel like on earth.
    then i play with the equation, lose m make v=wr.
    and find w.

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    Have you used diameter instead of radius? The method seems fine.
    What result did you get?
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    nope. i divided by two
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    Please show us your calculation and final answer. Otherwise it is very difficult to help.
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    v^2/r has to be equal to g then you can work from there
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