space station

  1. A

    Questions: Spherical habitat

    Consider a hollow sphere roughly the size of the moon, spun up to produce 1g of centripetal acceleration along a band at its equator (about 15000 kph) Big stuff, I know. I have a few questions about the implication of such a system, and I hope someone can help me find some answers! - How tall...
  2. J

    What is the largest possible Rotating wheel space station?

    What is the largest possible Rotating wheel space station possible to be constructed with current materials? and what would be the population it would support. also formulas used for calculation.would be useful. Could constructing cylindrical space elevators support more population,
  3. Robert House

    Fire suppression in a sealed system

    Here is the scenario. An astronaut is conducting experiments inside of a laboratory module within a space station when all of a sudden, a fire breaks out. The astronaut escapes from the laboratory module he was currently using and then proceeds to seal it off using an airlock. He then...
  4. A

    I Space station artificial gravity - how to spin up to speed?

    If a space station has artificial gravity created by spinning, how can it best be spun up to speed? Little attitude rockets could do it, but they would use up fuel, and limit your ability to change the spin rate in future. What if you had an external wheel that you spin up very fast in the...
  5. F

    I Would space stations of sci-fi fame actually work?

    Would a spinning space station as depicted below that use centrifugal force to create artificial gravity actually work? I'm thinking that it would not, this is because the centrifugal force would not affect an astronaut inside unless he was actually fastened mechanically to the hub. The fact...
  6. W

    Non-Solar Power Station in Space

    I have read about Japan's solar power plant in space. Would it not be easier to build a plant similar to the huge circular spinning space stations you see in movies that create their own gravity/downward force? Once something that large is spinning in space could you not use the motion to...
  7. R

    Space Travel to mars

    So off to Mars we go. But really how are we going to get there? The most expensive part of space travel is overcoming atmosphere. So you could say the biggest obstacle of space travel is Earth travel. It takes virtually no energy to cross space but it takes massive amounts to get into space...
  8. K

    Small Space Hadron Collider?

    It's to my understanding that the Large Hadron Collider is so 'large' due to the fact E=MC^2 and that when the accelerated particles approach the speed of light their mass increases logarithmic to a near infinite mass, meaning the magnetic force applied to the particle, to stop it from touching...
  9. J

    Fire in low gravity

    Hi there, I've seen videos and simulations of fire in zero or microgravity, but I'm trying to get a mental picture of how fire would look / burn in LOW gravity. Say a space station that rotates in order to create a light gravitational hold equivalent to the moon or even Mars...if a fire was...